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  1. 218bd2c Disable generating configs for rbe debian8. (#307) by Xin · 5 years ago master
  2. 0636b61 Move dependency spec for toolchain configs update service to Github (#306) by Suvanjan Mukherjee · 5 years ago
  3. d193916 Add JDK11 java_runtime. (#305) by Xin · 5 years ago
  4. 6fc2c74 fixing bazel rc type in rbe autoconfig (#304) by Nicolas Lopez · 5 years ago
  5. c02c765 Support using container tag in rbe_autoconfig(). (#298) by Xin · 5 years ago

Bazel CI :---: Build status

bazel-toolchains is a repository where Google hosts Bazel toolchain configs. These configs are required to configure Bazel to issue commands that will execute inside a Docker container via a remote execution environment.

These toolchain configs include:

  • C/C++ CROSSTOOL file,
  • BUILD file with toolchain rules, and
  • wrapper scripts.

Release information of toolchain configs can be found at:

This repository also hosts the skylark rule used to generate toolchain configs.

This repo previously contained Bazel targets that are used to generate toolchain containers. Note that they have been migrated to the following two repos: