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// Copyright 2017 Google Inc.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
syntax = "proto3";
package google.logging.v2;
import "google/api/annotations.proto";
import "google/protobuf/empty.proto";
import "google/protobuf/timestamp.proto";
option csharp_namespace = "Google.Cloud.Logging.V2";
option go_package = ";logging";
option java_multiple_files = true;
option java_outer_classname = "LoggingConfigProto";
option java_package = "";
// Service for configuring sinks used to export log entries outside of
// Stackdriver Logging.
service ConfigServiceV2 {
// Lists sinks.
rpc ListSinks(ListSinksRequest) returns (ListSinksResponse) {
option (google.api.http) = { get: "/v2/{parent=projects/*}/sinks" };
// Gets a sink.
rpc GetSink(GetSinkRequest) returns (LogSink) {
option (google.api.http) = { get: "/v2/{sink_name=projects/*/sinks/*}" };
// Creates a sink that exports specified log entries to a destination. The
// export of newly-ingested log entries begins immediately, unless the current
// time is outside the sink's start and end times or the sink's
// `writer_identity` is not permitted to write to the destination. A sink can
// export log entries only from the resource owning the sink.
rpc CreateSink(CreateSinkRequest) returns (LogSink) {
option (google.api.http) = { post: "/v2/{parent=projects/*}/sinks" body: "sink" };
// Updates a sink. If the named sink doesn't exist, then this method is
// identical to
// [sinks.create](/logging/docs/api/reference/rest/v2/projects.sinks/create).
// If the named sink does exist, then this method replaces the following
// fields in the existing sink with values from the new sink: `destination`,
// `filter`, `output_version_format`, `start_time`, and `end_time`.
// The updated filter might also have a new `writer_identity`; see the
// `unique_writer_identity` field.
rpc UpdateSink(UpdateSinkRequest) returns (LogSink) {
option (google.api.http) = { put: "/v2/{sink_name=projects/*/sinks/*}" body: "sink" };
// Deletes a sink. If the sink has a unique `writer_identity`, then that
// service account is also deleted.
rpc DeleteSink(DeleteSinkRequest) returns (google.protobuf.Empty) {
option (google.api.http) = { delete: "/v2/{sink_name=projects/*/sinks/*}" };
// Describes a sink used to export log entries to one of the following
// destinations in any project: a Cloud Storage bucket, a BigQuery dataset, or a
// Cloud Pub/Sub topic. A logs filter controls which log entries are
// exported. The sink must be created within a project, organization, billing
// account, or folder.
message LogSink {
// Available log entry formats. Log entries can be written to Stackdriver
// Logging in either format and can be exported in either format.
// Version 2 is the preferred format.
enum VersionFormat {
// An unspecified format version that will default to V2.
// `LogEntry` version 2 format.
V2 = 1;
// `LogEntry` version 1 format.
V1 = 2;
// Required. The client-assigned sink identifier, unique within the
// project. Example: `"my-syslog-errors-to-pubsub"`. Sink identifiers are
// limited to 100 characters and can include only the following characters:
// upper and lower-case alphanumeric characters, underscores, hyphens, and
// periods.
string name = 1;
// Required. The export destination:
// "[PROJECT_ID]/datasets/[DATASET]"
// "[PROJECT_ID]/topics/[TOPIC_ID]"
// The sink's `writer_identity`, set when the sink is created, must
// have permission to write to the destination or else the log
// entries are not exported. For more information, see
// [Exporting Logs With Sinks](/logging/docs/api/tasks/exporting-logs).
string destination = 3;
// Optional.
// An [advanced logs filter](/logging/docs/view/advanced_filters). The only
// exported log entries are those that are in the resource owning the sink and
// that match the filter. The filter must use the log entry format specified
// by the `output_version_format` parameter. For example, in the v2 format:
// logName="projects/[PROJECT_ID]/logs/[LOG_ID]" AND severity>=ERROR
string filter = 5;
// Optional. The log entry format to use for this sink's exported log
// entries. The v2 format is used by default.
// **The v1 format is deprecated** and should be used only as part of a
// migration effort to v2.
// See [Migration to the v2 API](/logging/docs/api/v2/migration-to-v2).
VersionFormat output_version_format = 6;
// Output only. An IAM identity—a service account or group—under
// which Stackdriver Logging writes the exported log entries to the sink's
// destination. This field is set by
// [sinks.create](/logging/docs/api/reference/rest/v2/projects.sinks/create)
// and
// [sinks.update](/logging/docs/api/reference/rest/v2/projects.sinks/update),
// based on the setting of `unique_writer_identity` in those methods.
// Until you grant this identity write-access to the destination, log entry
// exports from this sink will fail. For more information,
// see [Granting access for a
// resource](/iam/docs/granting-roles-to-service-accounts#granting_access_to_a_service_account_for_a_resource).
// Consult the destination service's documentation to determine the
// appropriate IAM roles to assign to the identity.
string writer_identity = 8;
// Optional. The time at which this sink will begin exporting log entries.
// Log entries are exported only if their timestamp is not earlier than the
// start time. The default value of this field is the time the sink is
// created or updated.
google.protobuf.Timestamp start_time = 10;
// Optional. The time at which this sink will stop exporting log entries. Log
// entries are exported only if their timestamp is earlier than the end time.
// If this field is not supplied, there is no end time. If both a start time
// and an end time are provided, then the end time must be later than the
// start time.
google.protobuf.Timestamp end_time = 11;
// The parameters to `ListSinks`.
message ListSinksRequest {
// Required. The parent resource whose sinks are to be listed:
// "projects/[PROJECT_ID]"
// "organizations/[ORGANIZATION_ID]"
// "billingAccounts/[BILLING_ACCOUNT_ID]"
// "folders/[FOLDER_ID]"
string parent = 1;
// Optional. If present, then retrieve the next batch of results from the
// preceding call to this method. `pageToken` must be the value of
// `nextPageToken` from the previous response. The values of other method
// parameters should be identical to those in the previous call.
string page_token = 2;
// Optional. The maximum number of results to return from this request.
// Non-positive values are ignored. The presence of `nextPageToken` in the
// response indicates that more results might be available.
int32 page_size = 3;
// Result returned from `ListSinks`.
message ListSinksResponse {
// A list of sinks.
repeated LogSink sinks = 1;
// If there might be more results than appear in this response, then
// `nextPageToken` is included. To get the next set of results, call the same
// method again using the value of `nextPageToken` as `pageToken`.
string next_page_token = 2;
// The parameters to `GetSink`.
message GetSinkRequest {
// Required. The resource name of the sink:
// "projects/[PROJECT_ID]/sinks/[SINK_ID]"
// "organizations/[ORGANIZATION_ID]/sinks/[SINK_ID]"
// "billingAccounts/[BILLING_ACCOUNT_ID]/sinks/[SINK_ID]"
// "folders/[FOLDER_ID]/sinks/[SINK_ID]"
// Example: `"projects/my-project-id/sinks/my-sink-id"`.
string sink_name = 1;
// The parameters to `CreateSink`.
message CreateSinkRequest {
// Required. The resource in which to create the sink:
// "projects/[PROJECT_ID]"
// "organizations/[ORGANIZATION_ID]"
// "billingAccounts/[BILLING_ACCOUNT_ID]"
// "folders/[FOLDER_ID]"
// Examples: `"projects/my-logging-project"`, `"organizations/123456789"`.
string parent = 1;
// Required. The new sink, whose `name` parameter is a sink identifier that
// is not already in use.
LogSink sink = 2;
// Optional. Determines the kind of IAM identity returned as `writer_identity`
// in the new sink. If this value is omitted or set to false, and if the
// sink's parent is a project, then the value returned as `writer_identity` is
// the same group or service account used by Stackdriver Logging before the
// addition of writer identities to this API. The sink's destination must be
// in the same project as the sink itself.
// If this field is set to true, or if the sink is owned by a non-project
// resource such as an organization, then the value of `writer_identity` will
// be a unique service account used only for exports from the new sink. For
// more information, see `writer_identity` in [LogSink][google.logging.v2.LogSink].
bool unique_writer_identity = 3;
// The parameters to `UpdateSink`.
message UpdateSinkRequest {
// Required. The full resource name of the sink to update, including the
// parent resource and the sink identifier:
// "projects/[PROJECT_ID]/sinks/[SINK_ID]"
// "organizations/[ORGANIZATION_ID]/sinks/[SINK_ID]"
// "billingAccounts/[BILLING_ACCOUNT_ID]/sinks/[SINK_ID]"
// "folders/[FOLDER_ID]/sinks/[SINK_ID]"
// Example: `"projects/my-project-id/sinks/my-sink-id"`.
string sink_name = 1;
// Required. The updated sink, whose name is the same identifier that appears
// as part of `sink_name`. If `sink_name` does not exist, then
// this method creates a new sink.
LogSink sink = 2;
// Optional. See
// [sinks.create](/logging/docs/api/reference/rest/v2/projects.sinks/create)
// for a description of this field. When updating a sink, the effect of this
// field on the value of `writer_identity` in the updated sink depends on both
// the old and new values of this field:
// + If the old and new values of this field are both false or both true,
// then there is no change to the sink's `writer_identity`.
// + If the old value is false and the new value is true, then
// `writer_identity` is changed to a unique service account.
// + It is an error if the old value is true and the new value is false.
bool unique_writer_identity = 3;
// The parameters to `DeleteSink`.
message DeleteSinkRequest {
// Required. The full resource name of the sink to delete, including the
// parent resource and the sink identifier:
// "projects/[PROJECT_ID]/sinks/[SINK_ID]"
// "organizations/[ORGANIZATION_ID]/sinks/[SINK_ID]"
// "billingAccounts/[BILLING_ACCOUNT_ID]/sinks/[SINK_ID]"
// "folders/[FOLDER_ID]/sinks/[SINK_ID]"
// Example: `"projects/my-project-id/sinks/my-sink-id"`.
string sink_name = 1;