Release 0.29.0 (2019-08-28)

Baseline: 6c5ef5369a3ffceb8a65cc159a2fff1401242810

Cherry picks:

   + 338829f2633e91ae0492ee4169446465e10b5994:
     Fix retrying of SocketTimeoutExceptions in HttpConnector
   + 14651cd86b6fc1d48f56a208a9b5278b3e2dcf75:
     Fallback to next urls if download fails in HttpDownloader
   + b7d300c6be3e130dec0e62a4f19493105f595d57:
     Fix incorrect stdout/stderr in remote action cache. Fixes #9072
   + 960217631abdcab0a7ed95e2ab10acd55f636639:
     Automated rollback of commit
   + da557f96c697102ad787e57bbf7db2460f6a60a8:
     Windows: fix "bazel run" argument quoting
   + ef8b6f68cc8ffd2e6523a894034ae383e87ec74c:
     Return JavaInfo from java proto aspects.
   + 209175ff8ffeb05628ed8a187dd414a3d2935c55:
     Revert back to the old behavior of not creating a proto source
     root for generated .proto files.
   + 644060b7a4bc98384b66e3d2343b950b875b5e35:
     Fix PatchUtil for parsing special patch format
   + 067040d7bcb3b24a88432e210a96adacee3f37b4:
     Put the removal of the legacy repository-relative proto path
     behind the --incompatible_generated_protos_in_virtual_imports
   + 76ed014e77d7b862f6eb2894600ae525ea570f11:
     repository mapping lookup: convert to canonical name first

Important changes:

  - rule_test: fix Bazel 0.27 regression ("tags" attribute was
  - Adds --incompatible_enable_execution_transition, which enables
    incremental migration of host attributes to exec attributes.
  - objc_proto_library rule has been deleted from Bazel.
  - is no longer restricted to files
        in the repository contructed.
  - tags 'no-remote', 'no-cache', 'no-remote-cache',
    'no-remote-exec', 'no-sandbox' are propagated now to the actions
    from targets when '--ncompatible_allow_tags_propagation' flag set
    to true. See #8830.
  - Adds flag
    --//tools/build_defs/pkg:incompatible_no_build_defs_pkg. This
    flag turns off the rules //tools/build_defs/pkg:{pkg_deb,
    pkg_rpm, pkg_tar}.
  - The Android NDK is now integrated with toolchains. To use them,
    pass the `--extra_toolchains=@androidndk//:all` flag or register
    them in your WORKSPACE with
  - Stdout and stderr are checked to determine if output is going to a
    terminal. `--is_stderr_atty` is deprecated and `--isatty` is
  - --incompatible_load_proto_rules_from_bzl was added to forbid
    loading the native proto rules directly. See more on tracking
    issue #8922
  - Docker Sandbox now respects remote_default_platform_properties
  - pkg_deb, pkg_rpm & pkg_tar deprecation plan announced in the
  - The new java_tools release:
    * fixes
    * exposes a new toolchain `@java_tools//:prebuilt_toolchain`
    which is using all the pre-built tools, including singlejar and
    ijar, even on remote execution. This toolchain should be used
    only when host and execution platform are the same, otherwise the
    binaries will not work on the execution platform.
  - java_common.compile supports specifying
    annotation_processor_additional_inputs and
    annotation_processor_additional_outputs for the Java compilation
    action for supporting annotation processors that consume or
    produce artifacts. Fixes #6415
  - There is now documentation on optimizing Android app build
    performance. Read it at
  - Execution log now respects --remote_default_platform_properties
  - Include a link to the relevant documenation on transitive Python
    version errors.
  - New incompatible flag
    --incompatible_disable_target_provider_fields removes the ability
    (in Starlark) to access a target's providers via the field syntax
    (for example, `ctx.attr.dep.my_provider`). The provider-key
    syntax should be used instead (for example,
    `ctx.attr.dep[MyProvider]`). See for details.
  - A new platform exec_properties is added to replace
  - Added --incompatible_load_python_rules_from_bzl, which will be
    flipped in Bazel 1.0. See
  - add --break_build_on_parallel_dex2oat_failure to shortcut tests
    on dex2oat errors

This release contains contributions from many people at Google, as well as Alexander Ilyin, Arek Sredzki, Artem Zinnatullin, Benjamin Peterson, Fan Wu, John Millikin, Loo Rong Jie, Marwan Tammam, Oscar Bonilla, Peter Mounce, Sergio Rodriguez Orellana, Takeo Sawada, and Yannic Bonenberger.
1 file changed
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