Release 1.0.0 (2019-10-10)

Baseline: 97a82646dadd93bf52d47828bda42e3383b657c6

Cherry picks:

   + a0e3bb207fe2044120a2555a37162ee1f2b17500:
     Remove support for authentication and .netrc
   + ada2c55dcc106cd55bafbbe5d9a966e21e4770e0:
     Add explicit --sdk argument to xcrun calls
   + 847df729528f6e5919ec8374247eadf792cba544:
     toolchain_vanilla: Unset source and target language level
   + 5cfa0303d6ac3b5bd031ff60272ce80a704af8c2:
     Update java_tools version to javac11-v5.1.

Incompatible changes:

  - Python, Windows: the
    --[no]incompatible_windows_escape_python_args is no longer
    supported. (It was flipped to true in Bazel 0.27.0)
  - --incompatible_use_native_patch is enabled by default
  - Windows: --incompatible_windows_bashless_run_command is now true
    by default, meaning "bazel run //foo:bin" will run the binary as
    a subprocess of the Bazel client. (When the flag is false, the
    binary is executed as a subprocess of Bash.)
  - Windows: --incompatible_windows_native_test_wrapper is enabled by

New features:

  - Genrule now supports `cmd_bash`, `cmd_ps`, `cmd_bat` attributes.
    More details at
  - config_setting can now check multiple values on "--foo=firstVal
    --foo=secondVal ..."-style flags
  - tags: use `--experimental_allow_tags_propagation` flag to
    propagate tags to the action's execution requirements from
    targets. Such tags should start with: `no-`, `requires-`,
    `supports-`, `block-`, `disable-`, `cpu:`. See #8830 for details.
  - Users can now get generated def file from cc_library via
    "def_file" output group on Windows.
  - Platform-specific bazelrc: with --enable_platform_specific_config
    you can
    enable flags in bazelrc according to your host platform.
  - tags: use `--experimental_allow_tags_propagation` flag to
    propagate tags to the action's execution requirements from
    cc_library or cc_binary targets. Such tags should start with:
    `no-`, `requires-`, `supports-`, `block-`, `disable-`, `cpu:`.
    See #8830 for details.
  - tags: use --experimental_allow_tags_propagation flag to propagate
    tags to the action's execution requirements from java targets.
    Such tags should start with: no-, requires-, supports-, block-,
    disable-, cpu:. See #8830 for details.

Important changes:

  - Bazel Android builds now use aapt2 by default. To revert to aapt,
    set `--android_aapt=aapt`.
  - Make either --subcommands or --verbose_failures imply
  - Bazel Android builds now use aapt2 by default. To revert to aapt,
    set `--an...
    RELNOTES: None
  - by default all remote connections considered to be via `gRPC`
    with TLS enabled, unless other specified. To disable TLS use
    `grpc://` prefix for you endpoints. All remote connections via
    `gRPC` affected - `--remote_cache`, `--remote_executor` or
    `--bes_backend`. http cache/executor is not affected. See #8061
    for details.
  - cc_* rules support non-transitive defines through a
    'local_defines' attribute.
  - Enable
    by default (
  - incompatible_disallow_split_empty_separator is enabled by default
  - Fixed Android build issues with aapt2 on Windows. See the [GitHub
    issue]( for more
  - --incompatible_disable_static_cc_toolchains has been flipped. See
  - --remote_default_platform_properties has been deprecated in favor
    of --remote_default_exec_properties.
  - The --incompatible_make_thinlto_command_lines_standalone flag has
    been flipped, see
    for more information.
  - The --incompatible_use_specific_tool_files flag has been flipped.
    See for more
  - Clarify default visibility.
  - Enables incompatible_auto_configure_host_platform
  - New incompatible flag --incompatible_disable_depset_items
    disables the "items" parameter in the Starlark depset
    constructor. Use "direct" and "transitive" parameters instead.
  - --incompatible_assignment_identifiers_have_local_scope is enabled
  - incompatible_disable_partition_default_parameter is enabled by
    default ()
  - incompatible_restrict_attribute_names is enabled
  - The --incompatible_disable_nocopts flag has been flipped. See for more
  - Deprecated Java-Starlark API java_common.create_provider is
    removed. JavaInfo() legacy args (actions, sources, source_jars,
    use_ijar, java_toolchain, host_javabase) are removed.
  - The flag incompatible_disallow_hashing_frozen_mutables is enabled
  - `maven_jar` and `maven_server` now disallow using plain HTTP URLs
    without a specified checksum. If you are still using `maven_jar`,
    consider migrating to
    ernal) for transitive dependency management. See
    [#8607]( for more
  - Added `sha256` and `sha256_src` attributes to `maven_jar`. Please
    consider migrating to SHA-256 as SHA-1 has been deemed
    cryptographically insecure ([]()). Or, use
    ernal) to manage your transitive Maven dependencies with artifact
    pinning and SHA-256 verification support.
  - introducing per-target exec_properties
  - Bazel now supports ThinLTO builds on Linux for Clang versions >=
    6.0. ThinLTO can be enabled through --features=thin_lto
  - The Target.output_group field in Starlark is removed. Use
    OutputGroupInfo instead. See for details.
  - Make a number of parameters of Starlark builtin functions
    positional-only (as opposed to specifiable by keyword). See for details.
  - incompatible_skip_genfiles_symlink is enabled by default (#8651)
  - Change Pruned events will fire immediately after being checked.
  - --incompatible_remove_legacy_whole_archive has been flipped. See for more

This release contains contributions from many people at Google, as well as Adam Liddell, Alessandro Patti, Arshabh Kumar Agarwal, Artem Pelenitsyn, Artem Zinnatullin, Benjamin Peterson, David Ostrovsky, Emmanuel Goh, Farhim Ferdous, George Gensure, iirina, Keith Smiley, Kiril Videlov, Laurent Le Brun, Mantas Sakalauskas, Marwan Tammam, Matt Mukerjee, panzhongxian, Shachar Anchelovich, Stepan Koltsov, Stephan Wolski, Travis Clarke, Yannic Bonenberger, Yuta Saito.
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