Release 2.1.0 (2020-02-07)

Baseline: 41ec5a28fb30a8d6c5c60194c4bb29528352cf78

Cherry picks:

   + 733ac0ff7ad1e13ab68ceb2fde694d7ab71b2366:
     Adds an alias for d8_jar_import in android.WORKSPACE.
   + c94b1474b368dedf9f68f34fad90cc8664f2b0e0:
     Automatic code cleanup.
   + 2a8cc7075f741721563efd9dc050ca3458cde30b:
     Do not fail or print errors when Shellzelisk cannot find a
     requested ?
   + bdf34d7fd9539411e93348ba25307f34362d9a42:
     Fix race when extracting the install base when Bazel runs in a
     PID namespace.
   + d381c25bb7dd205c283f7ad91cac13190d2dfede:
     Fix wrong mode of install base directory.
   + eab39cc7b5a612f891fd1e5af5b45bdc1b66e6e1:
     Disable broken test_max_open_file_descriptors.

Incompatible changes:

  - The following attributes of CcToolchainProvider, which formerly
    accessible both as fields (x.f) and as methods (x.f()), are now
    only fields:

New features:

  - Similar to the
    #.bazelignore) in the main repository, a `.bazelignore` file in
    external repository will cause the specified directories to be
    ignored by Bazel. Bazel won't try to identify any packages under
    the directories, but the files can still be referenced in other
    BUILD files.
  - bazelignore files now support line comments, e.g. "# this is a

Important changes:

  - Experimental support for d8 merger is now available for use using
  - Critical path run time should not have a longer run time than
    total execution run time.
  - Remove "please do not import" warning for cc rules.
  - x.f() is now equivalent to y=x.f; y(). That is, x.f should return
    the same
    attribute value regardless of whether it is accessed as a field
    or called
    like a method. Any arguments to the call are evaluated after the
    x.f operation.
  - Add desugaring support for RoleManager#addRoleHolderAsUser
  - Adds ctx.target_platform_has_constraint to allow rules to check
    the target platform's constraints.
  - Critical path run time should not have a longer run time than
    total execution run time.
  - Post new ConvenienceSymlinksIdentifiedEvent to the
    BuildEventProtocol when
    --experimental_convenience_symlinks_bep_event is enabled.
  - Keyword-only arguments are now allowed:
        def foo(a, *, k): pass
        def foo(a, *b, k): pass
      where k can be specified only by keyword:
        foo(5, k=6)
  - Generated Go protobufs now depend on //net/proto2/go:protodeps in
    addition to //net/proto2/go:proto
  - cquery 'somepath' returns more reliable results when the
    dep has a different configuration than the parent. To get a
    result for
    `somepath(//foo, //bar`) where //bar isn't in the top-level
    run your query with `--universe_scope=//foo`. See cquery docs for

This release contains contributions from many people at Google, as well as Adam Liddell, Alessandro Patti, Andreas Herrmann, Bor Kae Hwang, Brian Silverman, Emran BatmanGhelich, George Gensure, Greg Estren, Jeff Palm, Jonathan Beverly, Mark Nevill, Patrick Niklaus, Peter, Philipp Wollermann, Ryan Beasley, Shin Yamamoto, Yen-Chi Chen.
1 file changed
tree: 0cb072f384015d856d89204d3fb68ad7311919fb
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  2. .bazelrc
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