name: ‘Release issue (For release managers only)’ about: Communicate the progress of a release title: ‘Release X.Y.Z - $MONTH $YEAR’ labels: [‘release’,‘team-OSS’,‘P1’,‘type: process’] assignees:

  • iancha1992

Status of Bazel X.Y.Z

To report a release-blocking bug, please add a comment with the text @bazel-io flag to the issue. A release manager will triage it and add it to the milestone.

To cherry-pick a mainline commit into X.Y.Z, simply send a PR against the release-X.Y.Z branch.

Task list:

  • [ ] Pick release baseline: [link to base commit]
  • [ ] Create release candidate: X.Y.Zrc1
  • [ ] Check downstream projects
  • [ ] Create draft release announcement
  • [ ] Send the release announcement PR for review: [link to bazel-blog PR]
  • [ ] Push the release and notify package maintainers: [link to comment notifying package maintainers]
  • [ ] Update the documentation
  • [ ] Push the blog post: [link to blog post]
  • [ ] Update the release page