Move and document Crubit features.

Instead of `//third_party/crubit:supported`, it's now `//third_party/crubit/features:supported`.

This gives them a place to document them (, and moves them out of the top-level to a subdirectory, which is arguably cleaner organization.

Also, it makes the feature names less weird when we have fine-grained features. For example, imagine a feature named `nontrivial_types` -- I think it makes more sense to spell out `//third_party/crubit/features:nontrivial_types` vs `//third_party/crubit:nontrivial_types`. Alright, maybe that's kind of a silly reason, but dang it, it was bothering me. Putting things into the top level was too much of a "pun" -- it worked for "experimental" and "supported", but not most other names one can imagine, and I think it was altogether too clever.


The documentation isn't actually linked from[]

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Crubit: C++/Rust Bidirectional Interop Tool

Build status

Crubit is a bidirectional bindings generator for C++ and Rust.

Please don‘t use, this is an experiment and we don’t yet know where will it take us. There will be breaking changes without warning. Unfortunately, we can't take contributions at this point.

Crubit allows for C++ code and Rust code to call each other without manually wrapping the APIs in an FFI-friendly interop layer. For example, a C++ function like this:

bool IsAbsPath(std::string_view path);

... becomes callable from Rust as if it were defined as:

pub fn IsAbsPath(path: std::string_view) -> bool {...}

Crubit automatically generates ABI-compatible bindings for structs (which can be passed both by value and by reference), functions, and methods, for a large variety of types. (Trivial types, nontrivial types, templated types, etc.)

Building Crubit

$ apt install clang lld bazel
$ git clone
$ cd crubit
$ bazel build --linkopt=-fuse-ld=/usr/bin/ld.lld //rs_bindings_from_cc:rs_bindings_from_cc_impl

Using a prebuilt LLVM tree

$ git clone
$ cd llvm-project
$ CC=clang CXX=clang++ cmake -S llvm -B build -DLLVM_ENABLE_PROJECTS='clang' -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=install
$ cmake --build build -j
$ # wait...
$ cmake --install build
$ cd ../crubit
$ LLVM_INSTALL_PATH=../llvm-project/install bazel build //rs_bindings_from_cc:rs_bindings_from_cc_impl