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* CLion test output: make URLs and bazel targets clickable
* Retrieve Javadocs for unattached sources
* CLion: incremental sync retains more caches. Prefill caches on project reload.
* Fix spurious 'unused' warnings for AutoFactory-annotated classes
* Python: Test UI support for paramaterized python tests
* Python: Linkify stack traces in Bazel Console view
* Test UI: fix timeouts not being marked as failures
* Go: migrate Go code to the latest JetBrains plugin
* Add a user setting to suppress the Bazel console during sync
* Add support for IntelliJ 2017.1.5
* ASwB: fix generated resources not resolving
* Fix unresolved references when targets are built with multiple Bazel configurations
* Python: fix 'argument list too long' errors when debugging
* Explicitly deprioritize older android/gwt-specific versions of libraries during sync
* Improve test finder heuristics when creating run configurations
* CLwB: Show "unsynced" diagnostic file status for C++ files
* Improve performance when indexing proto_library targets in the working set.
* Fix incorrectly reusing existing, but different, run configurations.
* Order BUILD file structure view by target name, not rule type.
* Add Scala support to IntelliJ.
* Add 'sync_flags' .blazeproject section, for flags only applied during sync.
* Android Studio: NDK plugins are now optional.
* CLion: Improve performance by prefetching required genfiles during sync.
* TypeScript: Support multiple ts_config rules in .bazelproject
* Android Studio: Index javac jar for javax.lang classes
* Show failed test targets in test result UI
* Add Python support to CLion
* Fix some bazel targets not being linkified in the run configuration console
* Add an action to open a workspace file outside your project (File > Open
Workspace File...)
* Add an action to add a source directory to your bazel project (Bazel >
Project > Add Directory To Project...)
* CLion: fix project directories being cleared when reopening a project
* Add support for IntelliJ 2017.1
* Support bazel build sharding for large projects
* Detect out-of-memory errors during sync, and suggest enabling sharding
* Add documentation links for .bazelproject items
* Add python support for IntelliJ
* Prefetch project files on project open, prior to initial indexing
* Handle nested junit test classes
* Bazel: WORKSPACE file language integration (syntax highlighting, navigation,
* Bazel: Find usages, navigation support for external workspace labels
* Expand macros in run configuration build flags
* Add CLion support
* Run configuration support for abstract test classes/methods
* Support running all test classes in a directory
* BUILD support: don't suggest private symbols in 'load' statement autocomplete
* Test UI support for parameterized tests
* Test UI support for sharded tests, run locally
* BUILD: Fix navigation for overridden built-in symbols
* BUILD: Add auto-complete for fully-qualified class names
* Integrate bazel test results with the IDE's test runner UI.
* Add support for sharing run configurations
* Restructure Bazel menu items
* Create source roots for all directories matching 'test_sources'.
* When viewing source files for supported but inactive languages, suggest
enabling support for that language.
* BUILD: Add syntax highlight/autocomplete support for more built-in functions.
* Fix java debugger connection timeout
* Basic support for Go-lang projects
* BUILD files: add syntax hightlighting for built-in names
* BUILD files: support aliased load statements
* ASwB: enable NDK support
* Add autocomplete in run configuration target editor.
* Fix debugging of java_binary targets with args
* Completely suppress JUnit for Bazel projects, removing a common source of
* Improve sync working set / partial sync to include more targets that
users might expect should be included.
* Add more history to import wizard.
* Compatibility with 2016.2.4
* Improve create run configuration from scratch experience
* Better tolerance of broken BUILD files during sync
* Sync working set action -- sync only the files you're
working on.
* BUILD file support: performance improvements.
* Unified run configurations -- there is only one type,
the Bazel Command Run Configuration.
* Add test rule chooser heuristics, to support some common
test genrules.
* Add local jar cache to improve performance and robustness.
* Support filtered gen jars to allow mixed generated/non-
generated rules (requires bazel release to activate).
* Abbreviate generated run configuration names.