Import of bazel plugin using copybara

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An IntelliJ plugin for Bazel projects

This is an early-access version of our Blaze plugins for IntelliJ, Android Studio, and CLion.

This code drop is for educational purposes only and is currently not kept up-to-date. It may not build correctly for you, and we are currently not accepting pull requests.

In the near future the repository will be open for business with live, working code and we will start accepting contributions.


You can find our plugin in the Jetbrains plugin repository by going to Settings -> Browse Repositories, and searching for IntelliJ with Bazel or Android Studio with Bazel.


To import an existing Bazel project, choose Import Bazel Project, and follow the instructions in the project import wizard.

Detailed docs are available here.

Building the plugin

Install Bazel, then run ‘bazel build //ijwb:ijwb_bazel --define=ij_product=intellij-latest’ from the project root. This will create a plugin jar in ‘bazel-genfiles/ijwb/ijwb_bazel.jar’.