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Bazel Tools for Java

This is a repository for the tools used by Bazel to compile Java.

The source code of the Bazel Tools for Java is currently checked in the bazel repository. The source code will be moved incrementally to this repository.

Upgrade a Bazel project to use custom java_tools version

To use a specific java_tools release in your Bazel project please add the http_archive definitions in your WORKSPACE file.

For Bazel versions above 4.0.0, use java_tools releases >= v11. No additional options are needed.

For Bazel versions <= 4.0.0 use java_tools releases <= v10 and set the options --java_toolchain and/or --host_java_toolchain accordingly.

All java_tools releases can be found under


The releases can be found under java_tools/releases. For previous releases see the issues marked with the release label.

If you're interested in the release process please see docs/