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// Main package that provides a command line interface for starting a Bazel devserver
// using Bazel runfile resolution and ConcatJS for in-memory bundling of specified AMD files.
package main
import (
// RunfileFileSystem implements FileSystem type from concatjs.
type RunfileFileSystem struct{}
// StatMtime gets the filestamp for the last file modification.
func (fs *RunfileFileSystem) StatMtime(filename string) (time.Time, error) {
s, err := os.Stat(filename)
if err != nil {
return time.Time{}, err
return s.ModTime(), nil
// ReadFile reads a file given its file name
func (fs *RunfileFileSystem) ReadFile(filename string) ([]byte, error) {
return ioutil.ReadFile(filename)
// ResolvePath resolves the specified path within a given root using Bazel's runfile resolution.
// This is necessary because on Windows, runfiles are not symlinked and need to be
// resolved using the runfile manifest file.
func (fs *RunfileFileSystem) ResolvePath(root string, manifestFilePath string) (string, error) {
return runfiles.Runfile(root, manifestFilePath)