This repo contains a mirror of some Google-internal bits that support TypeScript development under Bazel.

It contains these utilities:

  • ts_devserver: a Go library and binary that runs a fast local web server which concatenates JavaScript on-the-fly. It requires inputs in a named module format (module ids must be contained in the file, not inferred from the file's path).
  • tsc_wrapped: a TypeScript program which wraps the TypeScript compiler, hosting it under a Bazel worker.
  • tsetse: a collection of third-party “strictness” checks which we add to the TypeScript compiler.
  • internal/common/*.bzl: some Starlark utility code for running the ts_library rule.

There are no user-facing bits in this repo. These utilities are consumed in

Please file issues for ts_library rule and other Bazel rules in that repo.