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* @fileoverview utilities to construct a static graph representation of the
* import graph discovered in typescript inputs.
import * as tsickle from 'tsickle';
* Recursively walk the import graph provided by tsickle, populating entries
* in the result map such that if foo imports bar, foo will appear before bar
* in the map.
function topologicalSort(
result: tsickle.FileMap<boolean>, current: string,
modulesManifest: tsickle.ModulesManifest,
visiting: tsickle.FileMap<boolean>) {
const referencedModules = modulesManifest.getReferencedModules(current);
if (!referencedModules) return; // not in the local set of sources.
for (const referencedModule of referencedModules) {
const referencedFileName =
if (!referencedFileName) continue; // Ambient modules.
if (!result[referencedFileName]) {
if (visiting[referencedFileName]) {
const path = [current, ...Object.keys(visiting)].join(' ->\n');
throw new Error(`\n\nCyclical dependency between files:\n${path}\n`);
visiting[referencedFileName] = true;
topologicalSort(result, referencedFileName, modulesManifest, visiting);
delete visiting[referencedFileName];
result[current] = true;
* Create the contents of the .es5.MF file which propagates partial ordering of
* the import graph to later actions.
* Each line in the resulting text corresponds with a workspace-relative file
* path, and the lines are ordered to match the expected load order in a
* browser.
export function constructManifest(
modulesManifest: tsickle.ModulesManifest,
host: {relativeOutputPath: (f: string) => string}): string {
const result: tsickle.FileMap<boolean> = {};
for (const file of modulesManifest.fileNames) {
topologicalSort(result, file, modulesManifest, {});
// NB: The object literal maintains insertion order.
return Object.keys(result).map(fn => host.relativeOutputPath(fn)).join('\n') +