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* @fileoverview Runner is the entry point of running Tsetse checks in compiler.
import * as ts from 'typescript';
import * as perfTrace from '../tsc_wrapped/perf_trace';
import * as pluginApi from '../tsc_wrapped/plugin_api';
import {Checker} from './checker';
import {AbstractRule} from './rule';
import {Rule as BanExpectTruthyPromiseRule} from './rules/ban_expect_truthy_promise_rule';
import {Rule as BanPromiseAsConditionRule} from './rules/ban_promise_as_condition_rule';
import {Rule as BanStringInitializedSetsRule} from './rules/ban_string_initialized_sets_rule';
import {Rule as CheckReturnValueRule} from './rules/check_return_value_rule';
import {Rule as EqualsNanRule} from './rules/equals_nan_rule';
import {Rule as MustUsePromisesRule} from './rules/must_use_promises_rule';
* List of Tsetse rules. Shared between the program plugin and the language
* service plugin.
const ENABLED_RULES: AbstractRule[] = [
new CheckReturnValueRule(),
new EqualsNanRule(),
new BanExpectTruthyPromiseRule(),
new MustUsePromisesRule(),
new BanPromiseAsConditionRule(),
new BanStringInitializedSetsRule(),
* The Tsetse check plugin performs compile-time static analysis for TypeScript
* code.
export class Plugin implements pluginApi.DiagnosticPlugin {
readonly name = 'tsetse';
private readonly checker: Checker;
constructor(program: ts.Program, disabledTsetseRules: string[] = []) {
this.checker = new Checker(program);
registerRules(this.checker, disabledTsetseRules);
getDiagnostics(sourceFile: ts.SourceFile) {
// Tsetse, in its plugin form, outputs ts.Diagnostic that don't make use
// of the potential suggested fixes Tsetse generates. These diagnostics are
// however displayed in context: we can therefore stringify any potential
// suggested fixes in the error message, so they don't go to waste.
return this.checker.execute(sourceFile)
.map(failure => failure.toDiagnosticWithStringifiedFix());
export function registerRules(checker: Checker, disabledTsetseRules: string[]) {
for (const rule of ENABLED_RULES) {
if (disabledTsetseRules.indexOf(rule.ruleName) === -1) {