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"""Macros to support Google services, e.g. Firebase Cloud Messaging."""
def google_services_xml(package_name, google_services_json):
"""Creates Android resource XML for Google services.
The XML is based on a google-services.json file.
package_name: The package name (or application ID) of the Android app.
google_services_json: The google-services.json file.
A list of the generated resource files which can be used with
android_binary.resource_files or android_library.resource_files.
# Adding the package name and google-services.json file to the outs and name
# of the rule is necessary in case there are multiple calls to
# google_services_xml() with different package names or different json files.
outs = ["google_services_xml/%s/%s/res/values/values.xml" %
(package_name, google_services_json.replace("/", "_"))]
name = "gen_google_services_xml_%s_%s" % (
package_name.replace(".", "_"),
google_services_json.replace(".", "_").replace("/", "_"))
if not native.existing_rule(name):
name = name,
srcs = [google_services_json],
outs = outs,
tools = ["@tools_android//third_party/googleservices:GenerateGoogleServicesXml"],
cmd = "$(location @tools_android//third_party/googleservices:GenerateGoogleServicesXml) %s $< $@" % package_name,
return outs
def google_services_workspace_dependencies():
name = "com_google_code_gson_2_8_2",
artifact = "",