Adding support for macOS tests.

Added support for macos_unit_test and macos_ui_tests.
macos_unit_test in Tulsi only supports targets that have
a test_host configured.

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Tulsi - an Xcode Project Generator For Bazel

Building and installing

  1. Open src/Tulsi.xcodeproj, and within Xcode, build the TulsiApp.

  2. Run the TulsiApp.


Tulsi-generated Xcode projects use Bazel to build, rather than Xcode. This means that many common components of an Xcode project are handled differently than you may be used to. For example, the Info.plist file is governed entirely by BUILD rules in Bazel and is not displayed in the Xcode UI. It also means that changes made to your BUILD files, such as adding new library dependencies, are incorporated automatically when building your generated project. The only time you need to re-run Tulsi is if you want to add additional build targets or have new source files show up in Xcode for editing.