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  1. f4430e4 Add support for databinding-generated sources to depend on AndroidX instead of the support libraries. by Googler · 4 minutes ago master
  2. 9bdb4b1 starlark: move MethodLibrary.parseInt to StarlarkInt by adonovan · 82 minutes ago
  3. 3ce5531 Add `java_binary.use_launcher` as a launcher opt-out mechanism by cushon · 2 hours ago
  4. f3604a6 Remove the `--default_ios_provisioning_profile` flag, which is no longer used anywhere. by allevato · 5 hours ago
  5. bb28200 During change pruning, when a parent node notices all its children are done, finish processing that parent node intra-thread rather than enqueue it and have it be processed in the future by a different Skyframe thread. by nharmata · 5 hours ago


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