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  1. 850a301 Add sandbox_add_mount_pair support to docker sandbox by Matt Mukerjee · 36 minutes ago master
  2. 5fc91a7 Remove contains() and containsActionResult from SimpleBlobStore by Jakob Buchgraber · 49 minutes ago
  3. 209175f Revert back to the old behavior of not creating a proto source root for generated .proto files. by lberki · 2 hours ago
  4. 7e83721 renamed 'incompatible_allow_tags_propagation' to 'experimental_..' by ishikhman · 3 hours ago
  5. 12ebb84 Pull upload(ActionResult) into super class. by buchgr · 5 hours ago


{Fast, Correct} - Choose two

Build and test software of any size, quickly and reliably.

  • Speed up your builds and tests: Bazel only rebuilds what is necessary. With advanced local and distributed caching, optimized dependency analysis and parallel execution, you get fast and incremental builds.

  • One tool, multiple languages: Build and test Java, C++, Android, iOS, Go, and a wide variety of other language platforms. Bazel runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  • Scalable: Bazel helps you scale your organization, codebase, and continuous integration solution. It handles codebases of any size, in multiple repositories or a huge monorepo.

  • Extensible to your needs: Easily add support for new languages and platforms with Bazel's familiar extension language. Share and re-use language rules written by the growing Bazel community.

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Contributing to Bazel


Build status

Bazel is released in ‘Beta’. See the product roadmap to learn about the path toward a stable 1.0 release.