1. a73aadf Add ActionSketch as a basis for top-down action caching. by felly · 73 minutes ago master
  2. 8bce449 Tell Proguard to keep all members of caffeine cache in JavaBuilder proguarded jar. by Googler · 80 minutes ago
  3. 0b99a4c Address error prone warning in PackageFunction by inlining variable initialization with its declaration. by jingwen · 2 hours ago
  4. 723eca6 Always report when a package is done to the PackageProgressReceiver. by Benjamin Peterson · 3 hours ago
  5. a5e40a5 Fix MarkdownRenderer to accept templates that are not built-in resources by kendalllane · 5 hours ago
  6. 6b365f8 Fix miscategorized Starlark provider types by cparsons · 7 hours ago
  7. aae5691 Add flag to toggle genquery result compression, on by default by michajlo · 7 hours ago
  8. 7678185 Make config_setting work with list-typed Starlark flags. by gregce · 8 hours ago
  9. 6c34d6d Clarify that the numbers refer to the usage & size of the tenured space, not that of the entire heap. by nharmata · 9 hours ago
  10. ff031db Add explicit naming convention to style guide for rules by Yannic · 9 hours ago
  11. dd3a159 Remove comment about compiling from source. by Michael Shields · 10 hours ago
  12. 9a615e9 Disabled string.partition default parameter and introduce incompatible flag by Marwan Tammam · 10 hours ago
  13. 781b088 Allow passing extra HTTP headers to remote cache by Oscar Bonilla · 12 hours ago
  14. 34784c3 Make remote_download_outputs=toplevel work for tests too by Jakob Buchgraber · 12 hours ago
  15. 02af54d repository context: on download, also consider integrity checksums sufficient by Klaus Aehlig · 12 hours ago
  16. c1ec34f ConfiguredTargetFunction: remove debug marker by Klaus Aehlig · 13 hours ago
  17. 8ef1799 add .bazelversion to .gitignore file by buchgr · 16 hours ago
  18. 2fad016 Add incompatible flag to forbid loading the native Protobuf rules by Yannic Bonenberger · 16 hours ago
  19. 26266b7 Make TestProvider provide the list of test outputs by buchgr · 17 hours ago
  20. 8daa514 C++: Introduce flag for forcing rules through macro by plf · 18 hours ago
  21. 3b10c59 Use chaining to reduce duplicate toolchain vars by ulfjack · 19 hours ago
  22. 184b454 Don't memoize the artifacts to owners supplier since it is only used in one place, and memoizing holds a reference to the result longer than necessary. by Googler · 3 days ago
  23. 7749781 Make transitionDirectoryNameFragment a hash of the following by juliexxia · 3 days ago
  24. 031db8e Make HasDigest serializable. by Googler · 3 days ago
  25. 6c60a8e Add flags to Stardoc to allow templates as inputs by kendalllane · 3 days ago
  26. 3fd8c41 Release 0.28.1 (2019-07-19) by Bazel Release System · 3 days ago
  27. 92cb224 Augment recommendation in java_import_external to be consistent with maven_jar, rules_jvm_external naming style by Jin · 4 days ago
  28. 5377ba4 Update gRPC to use the new ProtoInfo instead of the legacy .proto. provider. by Lukacs T. Berki · 4 days ago
  29. 12ebd7b Add toolchain support for clang-cl on Windows by Yun Peng · 4 days ago
  30. d26a3c1 Update the skydoc version. by iirina · 4 days ago
  31. 46fb33c Use bazelbuild/rules_pkg for the debian release packaging. by Tony Aiuto · 4 days ago
  32. 030f7d4 Update TODO reference for flag cleanup by michajlo · 4 days ago
  33. 404e804 Add source jar support to aar_import via the srcjar attribute by Jingwen Chen · 4 days ago
  34. c01a43a Add -iquote include paths for a target before the -iquote includes from its dependencies by rosica · 4 days ago
  35. 1186cec sort filenames not bytes when building bazel by Jakob Buchgraber · 4 days ago
  36. eb0e201 Automated rollback of commit be25bbf38d9337432c1e79e3f027ad5d0122bb40. by cparsons · 4 days ago
  37. a2b042c Enable build step for RBE presubmit by buchgr · 5 days ago
  38. 9f73b2c C++: Add defs.bzl to genproto.bzl by plf · 5 days ago
  39. 92931bd remove unnecessary sequential build step by Jakob Buchgraber · 5 days ago
  40. 9ec3734 Make deps transitive in windows_dll_library by Yun Peng · 5 days ago
  41. 3aaca3a Copy --experimental_generated_protos_in_virtual_imports to the host configuration. by lberki · 5 days ago
  42. 594c32d Move up discarding the analysis cache so that it is done prior to invoking executionPhaseStarting on any ActionContextProvider. by Googler · 5 days ago
  43. f40241c Move remaining global variables into ServerProcessInfo by michajlo · 5 days ago
  44. 7a68082 Allow tests to inject their own BugReporter object. This allows Java integration tests to trigger sending bug reports without crashing, and to assert that those reports were actually generated. by janakr · 5 days ago
  45. ac5a971 Go back to using stderr and stdout for terminal detection by michajlo · 5 days ago
  46. bf94dab Integrate Android NDK with toolchains by Jingwen Chen · 5 days ago
  47. ed0f7d0 Update configurable attribute docs with the new config_setting_group by Greg Estren · 5 days ago
  48. fc05743 Make incremental repository updates feature available without a flag by ichern · 5 days ago
  49. 7108c77 Support subresource integrity format for `download()` checksums. by John Millikin · 5 days ago
  50. ed8a5ec Use rules_pkg for rpm build by Tony Aiuto · 5 days ago
  51. b3ddb95 Add --//tools/build_defs/pkg:incompatible_no_build_defs_pkg flag by Tony Aiuto · 5 days ago
  52. 66a5773 external_integration_test: provide needed checksum by Klaus Aehlig · 5 days ago
  53. 6d63f8a Add (inactive) code to compress large GenQuery results in memory on the fly by michajlo · 6 days ago
  54. 26bcd27 external_integration_test: provide hashsum, even if we expect a timeout by Klaus Aehlig · 6 days ago
  55. 811a805 Support multi-level namespace structs by kendalllane · 6 days ago
  56. 7c0cb0a bazel_repository_cache_test: explicitly allow unverified downloads from localhost by Klaus Aehlig · 6 days ago
  57. b815b79 Update langtools_jdk repositories to load @rules_java. by iirina · 6 days ago
  58. dcbad67 Update j2objc by iirina · 6 days ago
  59. d114ef8 Refactor windows_cc_configure.bzl by pcloudy · 6 days ago
  60. 6053846 Remove unused GENERATE_LIBRARY_R tool by Googler · 6 days ago
  61. 9887358 Windows, windows_cc_configure.bzl: Pass -vcvars_ver flag only when it is supported. by pcloudy · 6 days ago
  62. 53ee8c3 Tags propagation: added incompatible flag by ishikhman · 6 days ago
  63. 6530003 Remove skipParsingAction() from AndroidConfiguration. by Googler · 6 days ago
  64. 1abdb0b Replace com.google.testing.junit.runner.util.Supplier with java.util.function.Supplier by Googler · 6 days ago
  65. 327bd66 bazel syntax: simplify implementation of sorted function by Googler · 6 days ago
  66. f6408d6 Optionally expand Fileset in BEP. When referenced in top-level targets, we now show the expanded Fileset in BEP when enabled. by felly · 6 days ago
  67. d6141e9 RELNOTES: None by twerth · 6 days ago
  68. 8dc5171 Add query test showing "kind(' rule', siblings(//foo:BUILD))" matches a target named :all. by adgar · 6 days ago
  69. cc2c4ee Add key and reverse parameters to builtin sorted function by Marwan Tammam · 6 days ago
  70. 3c00063 Add unary plus operator, +int by Marwan Tammam · 6 days ago
  71. 1c3e9ad Fix broken links in bazel-overview.md by Arek Sredzki · 6 days ago
  72. 6e13286 Fix indentation. by jcater · 6 days ago
  73. 4a1380f Implement `bazel sync --configure` by Klaus Aehlig · 7 days ago
  74. 04737ba Fix genproto.bzl test broken by unknown commit by plf · 7 days ago
  75. 4e5e8bb read_netrc: read file directly by Klaus Aehlig · 7 days ago
  76. f24768b Fix an incompatibility with newer MSYS2 versions that caused the compile.sh script to hang / fail. by philwo · 7 days ago
  77. 07853cd windows_cc_configure: report custom envvars by Laszlo Csomor · 7 days ago
  78. 1b2e760 Use getPackageIdentifier to tell if a DLL should be copied or not. by pcloudy · 7 days ago
  79. e1bd686 Implement list.clear() by Marwan Tammam · 7 days ago
  80. be25bbf register_{toolchains, execution_platforms}: honor renaming by Klaus Aehlig · 7 days ago
  81. 0b5f341 Make ActionAnalysisMetadata a SkyKey. by Googler · 7 days ago
  82. 9b608f9 bazel parser: avoid fancy interner by Googler · 7 days ago
  83. b065b13 Update sha1 documentation for the maven_jar rule to reflect its lack of security as a cryptographic hash. by jingwen · 7 days ago
  84. f380735 repository_context.read: drop restriction to current repository by Klaus Aehlig · 7 days ago
  85. c60675a Rename macro cc_* rules to avoid confusion by Laszlo Csomor · 8 days ago
  86. 4b178d0 Hardcode experimental_bep_report_only_important_artifacts to true, moving the flag to the graveyard. by felly · 8 days ago
  87. c25c45f J2ObjC: add references to files needed when transpiling with Java 11 support. by Antonio Cortes Perez · 11 days ago
  88. ff81b0c Make @local_config_platform//:host visible to everyone. by iirina · 8 days ago
  89. 8886f6a Bump android-tools to 0.8 by Jingwen Chen · 10 days ago
  90. d69b249 Fix test.xml timestamps to produce ISO8601 irrespective of locale or timezone by Googler · 10 days ago
  91. b6bd025 Add Fingerprint#addBytes(ByteString) by michajlo · 10 days ago
  92. 40e2d7f Deprecate plain HTTP downloads without checksum by Klaus Aehlig · 10 days ago
  93. 0592f3f Remove type parameter from SkyframeExecutor. by Googler · 10 days ago
  94. 784daf4 C++ runfiles test: fix on Linux by Laszlo Csomor · 10 days ago
  95. 27d7333 Check C++ toolchain type on cc_proto_aspect when using toolchain resolution by hlopko · 11 days ago
  96. c6ca6c2 Ignore external/ directory in users' source tree when creating execroot symlink tree. by pcloudy · 11 days ago
  97. 2204bd2 Enable Bazel tests on RBE on Ubuntu 16.04 by buchgr · 11 days ago
  98. a52e65a Add __ANDROID_RULES_MIGRATION__ to the tags for the generated android_sdk from by ahumesky · 11 days ago
  99. 5fa2470 Update documentation to clarify that R.id.* is optimized with aapt2 by Googler · 11 days ago
  100. 7150aab Reject empty separator in string.split by Marwan Tammam · 11 days ago