1. b1e232d bazel syntax: move Printer.{repr,str,format,formatWithList} to Starlark by Googler · 2 hours ago master
  2. b3084cb Automated rollback of commit 87506825333846359462f37d92b6f7bd2119f109. by steinman · 2 hours ago
  3. 6456fcb bazel syntax: remove legacy dict constructors by Googler · 5 hours ago
  4. c5e3bfe Implemented a new event called DiscoveredInputsEvent that gets posted if the action has discoveredInputs in the ActionExecutionFunction. The discovered inputs event was added to tell the CriticalPathComputer that it took n amount of time to go through the discover input phase and to categorize it at parse time. by Googler · 5 hours ago
  5. 81fb43c Move checking whether usages of proguard_apply_* attributes into existing validation method. by bcsf · 5 hours ago
  6. 13abce5 bazel syntax: reintroduce element validity check to depset contructor by Googler · 6 hours ago
  7. 1a6a5a1 bazel: pass SkylarkType not Class to Depset.of where convenient by Googler · 6 hours ago
  8. ae586a0 bazel syntax: rationalize Depset constructors by Googler · 7 hours ago
  9. 083c80b Move handling of experimental_nested_set_as_skykey_threshold to SkyframeExecutor. by Googler · 10 hours ago
  10. 5cfb0b3 Invalidate the analysis cache if a starlark option changes. by schmitt · 10 hours ago
  11. f828b4c Fix lintian error "relative-conffile" in our Debian package. by philwo · 13 hours ago
  12. cc2b3ec Only request grpc write when not complete by Jakob Buchgraber · 13 hours ago
  13. a6cd408 Upgrade java_tools to javac11-v7.0 by Irina Iancu · 14 hours ago
  14. 5750faf Replace Artifact's exec_path with PathFragments. by leba · 14 hours ago
  15. 5224a06 Bump the messages' ids from 0 to 1. by leba · 15 hours ago
  16. dafd234 bazel syntax: remove element validity check from Depset builder used by Starlark by Googler · 22 hours ago
  17. b70e636 Add TargetPattern.parseConstant(@CompileTimeConstant String) for constant patterns. by adgar · 25 hours ago
  18. e758563 Remove "aapt_version" from Starlark API by dchai · 26 hours ago
  19. d21a0d1 bazel syntax: rename SkylarkNestedSet to Depset by Googler · 28 hours ago
  20. bbde229 bazel syntax: simplify SkylarkNestedSet type rules by Googler · 29 hours ago
  21. 9257870 bazel syntax: remove deprecated list constructors by Googler · 29 hours ago
  22. fb631cf bazel syntax: disallow NestedSet return type in @SkylarkCallable methods by Googler · 30 hours ago
  23. 53ca395 Refactor for readability improvements in AndroidDataContext. by bcsf · 33 hours ago
  24. e9bef0c Add missing full stop. by Googler · 33 hours ago
  25. b6ce8b8 Minor tidying of Package's rule lookup methods by michajlo · 34 hours ago
  26. df7dd74 Test remote execution and test.xml generation by Jakob Buchgraber · 35 hours ago
  27. 5576269 Make "blaze test <alias target>" run the test. by lberki · 36 hours ago
  28. 80ea028 Upload docs for Bazel 1.2.0. by philwo · 2 days ago
  29. 3162705 Update release process of apt repo by Yun Peng · 2 days ago
  30. 91bf399 Proto v2 for aquery proto output formats (--incompatible_proto_output_v2) by leba · 2 days ago
  31. b2c602f Automated rollback of commit 3be8bdbe44b2eee49c10e09e1f16c8851eb3959a. by plf · 2 days ago
  32. b4e17d0 Add documentation on how to search for uses of a starlark macro. by dmaclach · 2 days ago
  33. b3f54f6 Remove Package#name and Package#nameFragment by michajlo · 2 days ago
  34. dbe76ce Remove a usage of aapt1 when --incompatible_prohibit_aapt1 is specified by dchai · 2 days ago
  35. 52e607b Add a --experimental_materialize_param_files_directly flag. by felly · 2 days ago
  36. 1f773ba Automated rollback of commit cfe70bbee566836538c0dff70d26376100657abf. by Googler · 2 days ago
  37. 2b7e21d Move Package#DEFAULT_{COMPATIBLE_WITH,RESTRICTED_TO}_ATTRIBUTE} to only use by michajlo · 2 days ago
  38. 341ecd7 Push remote upload consolidation into the Uploader when using --experimental_stream_log_file_uploads by felly · 2 days ago
  39. 4f0b710 UI: report success if tests are flaky by ulfjack · 2 days ago
  40. 227822b Automated rollback of commit 83b70caca5952e75489b43cae21837c047a475af. by ulfjack · 2 days ago
  41. de93e8b Allow streaming remote upload to be sourced by an InputStream rather that a thread writing to an OutputStream. This is a pull mechanism. by felly · 2 days ago
  42. ef69db8 Release 1.2.0 (2019-11-20) by Bazel Release System · 2 days ago
  43. 4a0b2f7 Automated rollback of commit 88879d1d03dd3321240ec1969afc6b0aafb4538e. by ulfjack · 3 days ago
  44. 06a26c3 Support remote execution in repository_rule by buchgr · 3 days ago
  45. a617a90 Use a statically created Comparator by ulfjack · 3 days ago
  46. 83b70ca Symlink creation: pass symlinks to OutputService by ulfjack · 3 days ago
  47. 8fd43cf Don't filter starlark flag resolution based on --build_tests_only and friends by schmitt · 3 days ago
  48. 084b64b bazel syntax: assert validity of results from Java calls by Googler · 3 days ago
  49. 9f2ba0a Create --debug_depset_depth debug mode by cparsons · 3 days ago
  50. d72eb8d Remove --batch deprecation warnings by michajlo · 3 days ago
  51. 3385fd6 Add --incompatible_remove_enabled_toolchain_types flag. by John Cater · 3 days ago
  52. 387c610 Obey --incompatible_prohibit_aapt1 in host mode. by dchai · 3 days ago
  53. 3be8bdb RunfilesSupport: remove the sources manifest by ulfjack · 3 days ago
  54. a087fb1 Make the formatting example more like the written text by adding an initial description. by Googler · 3 days ago
  55. c2a6e11 Fixed a bug with dirty node handling. by leba · 3 days ago
  56. 34328d5 Symlink creation: simplify interfaces by ulfjack · 3 days ago
  57. df389d2 Add interface and implementation that will allow the remote module by buchgr · 3 days ago
  58. dbe63b0 Fix some of the bazel Windows tools code to work with GCC. by Pascal Muetschard · 3 days ago
  59. 755e29d Introduce remotable attribute to repository_rule by buchgr · 4 days ago
  60. d56de83 Stream blaze JSON profile output via remote uploader with --experimental_stream_log_file_uploads. When enabled, we do not write the profile to disk at all. by felly · 4 days ago
  61. 7693c3f Implement parsing Ninja targets together with variable expanding. by ichern · 4 days ago
  62. 88879d1 Temporarily disable Bazel's proto test by ulfjack · 4 days ago
  63. e58d602 SymlinkTreeAction: require a Runfiles object by ulfjack · 4 days ago
  64. 9bc5f48 cquery fragments: include outer class name for inner classes. by gregce · 4 days ago
  65. 6376dac Fix error in bash syntax in bisect script. by John Cater · 4 days ago
  66. 9e30e80 Fail Java compile action when reduced classpath computation fails by mschaller · 4 days ago
  67. e7ce25a bazel syntax: tweaks to list and tuple by Googler · 4 days ago
  68. cfe70bb A CriticalPathComponent's input discovery step is not categorized so there is a discrepancy in runtime and metrics provided. Now input discovery will be categorized as parse time. by Googler · 4 days ago
  69. f6f452d Support lost input detection in action filesystems by mschaller · 4 days ago
  70. 2ffb0af Support streaming upload to BEP backends. by felly · 4 days ago
  71. 64235c3 Update WORKSPACE to use new version of bazelbuild/platforms repository. by aldersondrive · 4 days ago
  72. 4ebe800 Delete the flag 'incompatible_string_join_requires_strings' by laurentlb · 4 days ago
  73. 3fc17bc Remove the deprecated isToolchainEnabled method. by jcater · 4 days ago
  74. 4a7fa922 Make it clear that "jdk1.8" in our installation guide has no special meaning. by philwo · 4 days ago
  75. d41cac3 bazel syntax: delete EvalUtils.toIterableStrict by laurentlb · 4 days ago
  76. 3eb4298 Extend the interdependency rules between //experimental and other code by aiuto · 4 days ago
  77. b1d05be bazel syntax: remove the 'thread' parameter where it's not needed. by laurentlb · 4 days ago
  78. 06760b7 SymlinkTreeAction: resolve the environment later by ulfjack · 5 days ago
  79. 0073153 Prefactoring for making "blaze test <alias target>" work. by lberki · 5 days ago
  80. 425ab18 Fix minor typo by Tony Hsu · 5 days ago
  81. 4e1ef9a Remove SourceManifestAction.Builder by ulfjack · 5 days ago
  82. cb38add Update Import Deps tool to label some dependencies (e.g. superclasses) as IMPLICIT instead of EXPLICIT. by bcutler · 7 days ago
  83. c37398d Refactor lost input ownership calculation, do it unconditionally by mschaller · 7 days ago
  84. 9f9f5ec Remove the flag --incompatible_depset_is_not_iterable by laurentlb · 7 days ago
  85. ccdeeda bazel syntax: simplify and optimize list, tuple, range by Googler · 7 days ago
  86. cc5c24c Update some android tools targets to use PY_BINARY_VERSION symbol by brandjon · 7 days ago
  87. cf6528d doc: query-how-to: fix a closing code tag by Googler · 7 days ago
  88. b31d832 Flip the flag --incompatible_disallow_dict_lookup_unhashable_keys by laurentlb · 7 days ago
  89. bea9d25 Extract special BUILD file for //tools/cpp when present in the @bazel_tools by hlopko · 7 days ago
  90. 23f052f Add --incompatible_use_cc_configure_from_rules_cc by hlopko · 7 days ago
  91. ae1cf49 Update documentation, len(depset) has been removed. by laurentlb · 7 days ago
  92. 5630209 Don't claim cc_toolchain.ar_files and cc_toolchain.as_files are unused. by Benjamin Peterson · 8 days ago
  93. d013721 java_tools: explicitly export the .jar files by Klaus Aehlig · 8 days ago
  94. 3d45cfe Execute sandboxfs reconfigurations in parallel. by jmmv · 8 days ago
  95. 9acda4d [Java 11 Desugar Support]: Basic Structs and Utility Classes - 1/N by Googler · 8 days ago
  96. 918fc2f Expose XcodeConfigProvider to Starlark. by steinman · 8 days ago
  97. ab3cdb7 Make SkylarkCallableProcessor#process return false by Googler · 8 days ago
  98. a6ffdf9 Delete unnecessary arguments to compile/link register functions by waltl · 8 days ago
  99. 15c6157 Delete some unused methods and fields in ObjcCommon by waltl · 8 days ago
  100. c326a53 Add quotations around invalid dottedVersion value in error message. by steinman · 8 days ago