1. d73f7d7 Use WorkspaceNameValue.key() to seed RBuildFile traversals under WORKSPACE file modifications. by shreyax · 2 minutes ago master
  2. c081675 Standardize site-wide capitalization by Greg Estren · 18 minutes ago
  3. d2b063e Standardize install pages by Greg Estren · 49 minutes ago
  4. 9fc8ebc Use heading id attributes instead of a separate anchor. by Googler · 61 minutes ago
  5. 41fe876 Glossary: add links to the relevant documentation by laurentlb · 78 minutes ago
  6. c7dd51a Site-standardize intro page formatting by Greg · 2 hours ago
  7. 238810a Remove stale VisibleForTesting annotation from TestSummary. by Googler · 2 hours ago
  8. 37aad0e Log long NestedSet expansions in case they are interrupted. by ajurkowski · 3 hours ago
  9. cf0390b Streamline section titles for more readable table of contents by brandjon · 3 hours ago
  10. 015f586 Add the --experimental_disable_external package command line option that (unsurprisingly) disables the //external package by lberki · 3 hours ago
  11. e821cfa Misc style improvements by Greg Estren · 4 hours ago
  12. 02d5a54 Adds SpawnResult.Status.EXECUTION_DENIED_CATASTROPHICALLY by mschaller · 4 hours ago
  13. 281dc9d Report error when accessing cc configuration without fragment by Charles Mita · 6 hours ago
  14. c1ef58f Support # symbol in text fragments (do not treat it as a comment) by ichern · 6 hours ago
  15. 77e688c Update the visibility error message to mention exports_files(). by laurentlb · 9 hours ago
  16. ddd5ea2 Minimize the JSON requests sent to sandboxfs. by jmmv · 9 hours ago
  17. 5dc70e2 [aquery] Fix the case with duplicated Target entries. by leba · 11 hours ago
  18. 82f3e4a RELNOTES[INC]: --fatal_event_bus_exceptions is deprecated and should not be used. Any crashes should be reported so that they can be fixed. by janakr · 16 hours ago
  19. cebc96b Better error messaging for needing transition whitelist + updated docs. Allow the way throw in a note about attaching to starlark transitions to native rules since we've been getting a lot of questions about that recently. by juliexxia · 18 hours ago
  20. 83c5bb0 Refactor (Simple)SpawnResult to reduce invalid representations by mschaller · 22 hours ago
  21. 3187f3d Clean up SpawnResult documentation and visibility. by mschaller · 22 hours ago
  22. 6f5ef8f Log number of elements for long NestedSet expansion. by ajurkowski · 23 hours ago
  23. 45ca8ce De-densify Bazel vision page by Greg Estren · 23 hours ago
  24. 4d9bb52 Add new global attribute: applicable_licenses by aiuto · 24 hours ago
  25. 9964418 Lcov merger no longer fails on empty coverage by Googler · 26 hours ago
  26. 525ba25 Clean up RuleErrorException: stop allowing it to be called directly, require that it go through RuleErrorConsumer, and allow it to take a cause. by janakr · 26 hours ago
  27. 8ae9f75 Clean up internal/external split in platform docs. by jcater · 27 hours ago
  28. b0e65d3 Fix up comment that was made stale by a commit years ago. by nharmata · 27 hours ago
  29. 85292b1 Packaging CDS archive file (.jsa) in deploy JAR. by Googler · 28 hours ago
  30. 0447bf9 Re-draw the ASCII dependency graph. by elenairina · 28 hours ago
  31. 3198239 Discourage calls to `addInputs(NestedSet)` by cushon · 28 hours ago
  32. a7f5253 Bazel Glossary by Jingwen Chen · 29 hours ago
  33. fd83d2b Update aquery documentation (Known Issues) by leba · 30 hours ago
  34. c531578 Fix --experimental_prefer_mutual_xcode=false to recognize the correct developer directory for local xcode version tools when a mutually available Xcode is selected. by steinman · 30 hours ago
  35. 3e3e29e Upgrade JUnit to 4.13 by Ulf Adams · 34 hours ago
  36. 17587f2 Wrap FindMissingBlobs exceptions in IOException by George Gensure · 31 hours ago
  37. f555419 Add "out" field to actions in JSON profile. by leba · 33 hours ago
  38. 71904ae Migrate ObjcProvider compile info to CcCompilationContext by waltl · 2 days ago
  39. 43c029f Don't have registerCompileAndArchiveActions depend on ObjcProvider by waltl · 2 days ago
  40. ac74585 Fix builds with indirect dependency on //external with --experimental_sibling_repository_layout by Jingwen Chen · 2 days ago
  41. e904605 Document that setupGraphInconsistencyReceiver calls tester.initialize, which can blow away any transformer, and say that in tester.initialize. by janakr · 2 days ago
  42. b77a865 Expose the SkylarkType of SkylarkInfo. by Googler · 2 days ago
  43. f8f26eb Update docs about how cquery doesn't know about aspect deps by juliexxia · 2 days ago
  44. 3ee91b4 Don't crash if no cycle reporter can handle a found cycle. We can display a (non-ideal) version and file a bug report. by janakr · 2 days ago
  45. 04a8db7 Logical rollback of unknown commit: an artifact with an empty path is legitimate. by janakr · 2 days ago
  46. 8e8435e Don't crash on I/O exceptions when creating BuildEventArtifactUploader: they can happen when underlying state is bad. by janakr · 2 days ago
  47. e2d97b2 Add initial support for CDS images by cushon · 2 days ago
  48. 93e269e Propagate InterruptedException from another place where it's possible. by Googler · 2 days ago
  49. 5a62c9f Create package .../devtools/build/lib/util/io by Yannic Bonenberger · 2 days ago
  50. 8804128 Recognize CUDA and OpenCL source file types (.cu, .cl) and compile them with the C++ compiler. This will allow CUDA and OpenCL files to be compiled with clang, which supports both natively. by Googler · 2 days ago
  51. 623fe58 Update java_tools to v8.0. by elenairina · 2 days ago
  52. 9f9bd13 Introduce ninja_build for the correct composition of targets. by ichern · 2 days ago
  53. 75ae479 [docs] Update cc-toolchain-config-reference to point to rules_cc by Yannic · 2 days ago
  54. da3d9f0 Update external dependencies by Laurent Le Brun · 2 days ago
  55. d9ec0b6 Replace @iirina w/ @lberki in CODEOWNERS.' by elenairina · 2 days ago
  56. d6bf96f Use 5 shards for macOS presubmits. by philwo · 2 days ago
  57. 0c460ff Remove java versions 9 and 10 from java_tools script. by elenairina · 2 days ago
  58. 692480a Remove java version 9 and 10 from bazel/src/BUILD. by elenairina · 2 days ago
  59. 003b873 Raise an error when a select() expression yields None in a mandatory attribute. by lberki · 3 days ago
  60. 479857b Fix container name for RBE tests. by philwo · 3 days ago
  61. 47b672c Update the error thrown by Bazel by George Chiramel · 3 days ago
  62. bc55ee2 C++: Add getSkylarkArgv to CppLinkAction by plf · 3 days ago
  63. ab62a6e Add s390x and make zip -d step more resilient by Jonathan Springer · 4 weeks ago
  64. e158fe7 Remove OpenJDK 9 and 10 http_archives, tools and tests. by philwo · 3 days ago
  65. 2402c8f Add aarch64 configuration condition for jni gcc includes by garyschulte · 3 days ago
  66. 4c07703 Improve the implementation of the persistent test runner. by elenairina · 3 days ago
  67. fa1d2ab Make the TargetPatternPhaseFunction depend on the workspace name in the "official" way. by lberki · 3 days ago
  68. b01fa11 Execute only the subgraph of Ninja targets, needed to produce required outputs by ichern · 3 days ago
  69. ba15355 Improve the performance of createFileSystem in WorkerExecRoot by Googler · 4 days ago
  70. adcb51a Fix symlinking under output_root by ichern · 4 days ago
  71. f1fdd7a Add missing `sha256` attribute to OpenJDK 12 archives. by philwo · 4 days ago
  72. bc4560b Send non-quiet repository rule output to stderr by David Neil · 5 days ago
  73. cb12df6 AutoValue and Immutable Collection Conversion: NestDigest and its Dependent Classes. by Googler · 6 days ago
  74. aa8fac5 Don't crash if there are unexpected exceptions in analysis, try to find a path to the exception and just send a bug report. We know there are lurking bugs in how we propagate exceptions, no need to punish users. by janakr · 6 days ago
  75. cf6be8d Fix crash on poorly formed config_setting --defines. by gregce · 6 days ago
  76. 6fc6255 Fix include scanning crash when no containing package is found. by janakr · 6 days ago
  77. 82dbff6 Update install-os-x.md with Catalina download workaround instructions. by Alexandre Rostovtsev · 6 days ago
  78. db3fde3 Remove the --incompatible_use_jdk11_as_host_javabase flag. by philwo · 6 days ago
  79. 33d43e6 Add a flag for using a custom legacy main dex list generator for android_binary. by Googler · 6 days ago
  80. 5370e40 Add READ access of mmap() in docker env by Yihong Wang · 6 days ago
  81. 4dfe7b2 Tolerate Skyframe errors encountered during target pattern parsing. by janakr · 6 days ago
  82. 8ee1646 Resolve race when an event tries to schedule just after the thread pool was shutdown. by felly · 6 days ago
  83. 779a262 Add logging for long fetches for NestedSets. by ajurkowski · 6 days ago
  84. 9eb19a6 Disable dd stdout. by Benjamin Peterson · 6 days ago
  85. dd247c6 Disable remote logging when abnormal BES shutdown occurs. by felly · 6 days ago
  86. 8b1ef42 Update other OpenJDK 11 archives to match the latest version. by philwo · 6 days ago
  87. 3ac4af4 Upgrade embedded JDK to Zulu 11.37.17 (Linux, macOS, Windows) and 11.37.48 (Linux aarch64). by philwo · 6 days ago
  88. bf06b80 Note default cache directory root on macOS by Gibson Fahnestock · 6 days ago
  89. bb12582 Delete Protobuf 3.6.1 from tree by Yannic Bonenberger · 6 days ago
  90. 25f1069 Update bazel_toolchains to 2.1.0. by philwo · 6 days ago
  91. c1e69d0 Mark bazel_docker_sandboxing_test as manual. by philwo · 6 days ago
  92. 35a0bfd Support always-dirty Ninja actions by ichern · 6 days ago
  93. 98f0615 Handle external mutations to completionFuture in ActionExecutionState. The class assumes that the future will never be mutated except under its synchronized lock, but that is false: https://github.com/bazelbuild/bazel/blob/146d51aa1ec9dcb721a7483479ef0b1ac21d39f1/src/main/java/com/google/devtools/build/lib/concurrent/AbstractQueueVisitor.java#L485 cancels the combined future it's passed if it's interrupted, and more generally any registered futures will be canceled when the pool is interrupted. by janakr · 7 days ago
  94. 1b01483 Properly handle interrupted exceptions in starlark transitions [] by juliexxia · 7 days ago
  95. 17a5ad7 Make it possible to exempt certain mnemonics from having Xcode-related execution requirements when --experimental_require_availability_info=true via command line flag. by steinman · 7 days ago
  96. 9e43276 Partition resources by directory for the purposes of inferring privateness. by dchai · 7 days ago
  97. 09b79a3 Move IndyStringConcatDesugaringlTest to compile testing source files at runtime by Googler · 7 days ago
  98. 49c3cba Update SDK with v29.0.0 build id #6202233(02/12/2020) to Android experimental channel by Googler · 7 days ago
  99. d6085ae Fix and re-enable test_max_open_file_descriptors. by steinman · 7 days ago
  100. 6360557 Support sibling repository execution root layout. by Jingwen Chen · 7 days ago