1. b9f0802 Restore custom concurrency level in UniquifierImpl. by nharmata · 3 hours ago master
  2. 2ef8de6 Provide a parallel implementation of the 'tests' query function. by nharmata · 5 hours ago
  3. ef7d082 Fix typo in markdown by jingwen · 5 hours ago
  4. 794a020 Weave the trimming cache into Skyframe, but do not use it yet. by mstaib · 5 hours ago
  5. 938db6d Add TODO about trimming Starlark build configuration values. by mstaib · 5 hours ago
  6. 6e2cfe9 Add safety checks for configurable attributes in trimming mode. by mstaib · 6 hours ago
  7. ad410b1 Add a TrimmedConfigurationProgressReceiver. by mstaib · 6 hours ago
  8. 7fcbeec Format WORKSPACE with buildifier by Keith Smiley · 6 hours ago
  9. 41862f0 Add resources class jar to compile time classpath for direct dependencies of aar_import targets by jingwen · 7 hours ago
  10. 7c7a701 Add safety checks for aspects. by mstaib · 7 hours ago
  11. 3c6bf10 Fix a number of tests to reflect --incompatible_disallow_struct_provider_syntax by cparsons · 7 hours ago
  12. 2488347 Give better info on how to fix up a bad Xcode configuration. by dmaclach · 10 hours ago
  13. a8fa6e2 Update wrapped_clang to make -add_ast_path options absolute by davg · 11 hours ago
  14. e39e5c9 Fix users of toolchain resolution to call the new skyfunction. by John Cater · 13 hours ago
  15. 99013ea Add a note about generate_workspace's deprecated state and redirect users to rules_jvm_external instead by jingwen · 13 hours ago
  16. 264bee6 Implement connectivity check for Exoblaze and create dummy connectivity check for Blaze/Bazel. by steinman · 14 hours ago
  17. 9a7c64a Add a new ObjectCodec to support ImmutableBiMap instances. by jcater · 14 hours ago
  18. 6764100 Implement --bes_upload_mode=fully_async. by felly · 14 hours ago
  19. 626906a Add //tools/python/... target pattern to Bazel CI by brandjon · 14 hours ago
  20. 61b1dff Consolidate key-caching logic in an abstract class. by Googler · 14 hours ago
  21. ab9f2db When trimming BuildOptions, return the same instance if there are no changes. by Googler · 15 hours ago
  22. 460965b Remove stale links from Bazel's javascript resources by Googler · 16 hours ago
  23. c65a48d Remove //third_party:mockito2 by Tim van der Lippe · 5 weeks ago
  24. 1ba0016 Windows, JNI: WaitableProcess supports inv. HANDLE by Laszlo Csomor · 17 hours ago
  25. 97b6732 Clean up the client channel in ByteStreamUploader tests. by Benjamin Peterson · 17 hours ago
  26. adacaf9 Use smaller minimal JDK after we have removed java.desktop in b88433f? by Tobias Werth · 17 hours ago
  27. c5c718e Remove reference to Homebrew tap pinning by Michael Hackner · 18 hours ago
  28. d9fdc80 No longer test Bazel against JDK 9 and 10. by philwo · 19 hours ago
  29. 137019f Add managed_directories attribute to workspace() function. by Googler · 21 hours ago
  30. d9b766f Windows, test wrapper: works with external tests by Laszlo Csomor · 22 hours ago
  31. 2a36720 Refresh WorkspaceFileValue for WORKSPACE header, if listener is registered. by Googler · 22 hours ago
  32. 524ae2c Automatic code cleanup. by cpovirk · 26 hours ago
  33. 30ecb7a Add #getKey to SpawnActionTemplate by just creating a dummy SpawnAction and computing its key. That should be sufficient. As a result, we can move #getKey up to ActionAnalysisMetadata. by janakr · 32 hours ago
  34. 3e77024 Use platform mappings. by schmitt · 33 hours ago
  35. 103a084 Fix tests after https://github.com/bazelbuild/bazel/commit/22c8001d1b361db674a2e53ac2d4db6e834293e9. by janakr · 33 hours ago
  36. f944181 Ensure grep-includes can write to its output file by deleting it upfront. by jmmv · 34 hours ago
  37. 8e0285d Update Android Starlark APIs. by Googler · 35 hours ago
  38. ab96caa Include execution info in TestRunner cache key. by Googler · 35 hours ago
  39. 22c8001 Accept any high byte in the "target" part of a label. Currently this code is by Googler · 36 hours ago
  40. 18446ab Add comment to explain how ObjcProvider propagates its contents by Googler · 36 hours ago
  41. 8396c2f Reset platform on cpu transitions. by schmitt · 36 hours ago
  42. 5ba7cf6 Add direct sources, headers, and module maps to ObjcProvider by davg · 2 days ago
  43. deca59b Add short circuiting returns to equals method in OptionsBase. by Googler · 2 days ago
  44. 30306d5 Avoid cloning FragmentOptions if the instance is already normalized. by Googler · 2 days ago
  45. 8bd7e48 Alert whenever an ActionLookupValue is missing. In practice, this should never happen, and probably indicates a crash coming very soon. by janakr · 4 days ago
  46. 161ed25 Automatic code cleanup. by cpovirk · 4 days ago
  47. 0a8ca97 Automatic code cleanup. by cpovirk · 4 days ago
  48. 3f87a95 Make part of @bazel_tools compatible with --incompatible_disallow_struct_provider_syntax by cparsons · 4 days ago
  49. a34fbd2 Include actions in AspectValue#toString. by janakr · 4 days ago
  50. ed6bfbe Introduce no-op --experimental_google_legacy_api flag by cparsons · 5 days ago
  51. 72f7314 Add correct debugging output for toolchain resolution. by John Cater · 5 days ago
  52. 331c84b Fix typo in usage comment by brandjon · 5 days ago
  53. 6ca4021 Gracefully handle if Windows DEF-file-specific cc_<rule> attributes are missing. by Googler · 5 days ago
  54. 4b66225 Remove "return struct" in rule implementation of some Bazel tests (#3) by cparsons · 5 days ago
  55. 231270c Conditionally use deprecated signature for initWithContentsOfURL by Robert Sayre · 5 days ago
  56. 771c641 Automated rollback of commit 36f093abbfec386ef57f26ac479394f597881169. by cparsons · 5 days ago
  57. 77a4962 Convert ToolchainResolver to ToolchainResolutionFunction. by John Cater · 5 days ago
  58. 375f72b Add safety checks for toolchain resolution in preparation for trimming. by mstaib · 5 days ago
  59. fc1ea45 Make BESModule.MAX_WAIT_FOR_PREVIOUS_INVOCATION a method instead of a constant in the class. by lpino · 5 days ago
  60. 462b68f PostConfiguredTargetFunction only accepts a ConfiguredRuleClassProvider, so make that explicit. by jcater · 5 days ago
  61. ae5fc60 Make sure the order of the files in the zip file is deterministic. by Tobias Werth · 5 days ago
  62. 557cb2e Automated rollback of commit 493b59e6a5eb171c5710c4751c8f4feafddd6adb. by juliexxia · 5 days ago
  63. e6ca52e Raise an error if platform mappings have duplicate keys. by schmitt · 5 days ago
  64. 84a7c7f Automated rollback of commit 691608f5001995deba6ae8bf4d4743efc9c2fc69. by juliexxia · 6 days ago
  65. 2a87adc Classify native module legacyNamed parameters. by cparsons · 6 days ago
  66. c7d430f Mark repository_rule implementation parameter as intentionally keyword-specifiable by cparsons · 6 days ago
  67. 2b27ec8 Mark rule, aspect, and provider legacyNamed parameters as "named". by cparsons · 6 days ago
  68. 0f22a96 Remove "return struct" in rule implementation of some Bazel tests (#2) by cparsons · 6 days ago
  69. dc242d4 Allow accessing the configuration of a dependency during resolution. by mstaib · 6 days ago
  70. 402d56e Get rid of some obsolete TODOs by juliexxia · 6 days ago
  71. 0245e87 Correct typo in workspace_name docs by Keith Moyer · 6 days ago
  72. 85dacc6 Update TODO to put a bug number to it. by lpino · 6 days ago
  73. cf2a0ef Make platform options required by all targets. by schmitt · 6 days ago
  74. e5a485c Windows, file.cc: Make DeletePath simpler and more robust by pcloudy · 6 days ago
  75. ed625e3 Strip some classes from the android libraries in our lite target. by Tobias Werth · 6 days ago
  76. ed9e98f Revert "Automated rollback of commit 09ef7337f3867cfe823fc952883cda03? by Tobias Werth · 6 days ago
  77. b88433f Remove java.desktop module from building the embedded JDK. by Tobias Werth · 6 days ago
  78. ac0305be Remove removal of ct.sym. by Tobias Werth · 6 days ago
  79. a6d23aa Accept weak-weak merge, if one side has no format specified, as auto-resolvable. by Googler · 6 days ago
  80. 4d2eb16 Allow callers to preserve either loading or analysis objects when discardAnalysisCache runs. by janakr · 6 days ago
  81. da6875a Buffer profile output to amortize heavy cost of Blaze server-->client output. by felly · 6 days ago
  82. f51f14b Delete BuildEventServiceAbruptExitCallback and handle BEP upload exceptions in the BES module. by lpino · 6 days ago
  83. faf74fc Serialize StackTraceElement as part of exception. by janakr · 6 days ago
  84. bbe47a1 Disable outputs param of rule function by cparsons · 6 days ago
  85. 5456e41 Delete resource attributes from objc_library and objc_import. by kaipi · 7 days ago
  86. 5ece650 Refactor AttributeInfo into a proto by cparsons · 7 days ago
  87. 742ca88 [Docs] Fix path of /cas/ example in remote cache docs by Dave Lee · 7 days ago
  88. dbd6220 Remove unused footnote by Michael Hackner · 7 days ago
  89. eb2fd5c Undocument license API, which Bazel no longer uses by gregce · 7 days ago
  90. 160ddb3 Automated rollback of commit 09ef7337f3867cfe823fc952883cda0390e0ce8e. by twerth · 7 days ago
  91. 98592ae ExperimentalEventHandler: avoid locking for no-op by ulfjack · 7 days ago
  92. 3bbf9b9 Remove explicit "-a public-read" from gsutil calls. by philwo · 7 days ago
  93. cd53bd6 Make thinlto action command lines standalone by hlopko · 7 days ago
  94. e31bac9 Upon noticing an error in an external repository, also report the reason by Klaus Aehlig · 7 days ago
  95. 41d4f75 Use lower-case for the default value of bes_upload_mode. by lpino · 7 days ago
  96. fac5823 Windows, test wrapper: use WaitableProcess by Laszlo Csomor · 7 days ago
  97. 09ef733 Unpack and repack Bazel's deploy jar without compression. by Tobias Werth · 7 days ago
  98. 22ef2db Fix "field 'macos_qos_class' will be initialized after field 'unlimit_coredumps'" warning. by philwo · 7 days ago
  99. 0e8c8a9 Skylark repositories: also record the definition of the rule by Klaus Aehlig · 7 days ago
  100. a098c57 Windows, JNI: add state to WaitableProcess by laszlocsomor · 7 days ago