1. 5400753 Windows: Fix deleting directory in JNI code by Yun Peng · 15 minutes ago master
  2. 714e3f2 Stop embedding the java tools into the bazel binary. by iirina · 4 hours ago
  3. 15602ee Remove experimental warning in aquery documentation and command. by leba · 3 hours ago
  4. 27ff758 Update JacocoCoverageRunner and add bazel_coverage_experimental_java_test. by elenairina · 3 hours ago
  5. bdaba5a Automated rollback of commit 4eea5c62a566d21832c93e4c18ec559e75d5c1ce. by cushon · 4 hours ago
  6. a57c879 Implement asynchronous glob prefetching to specifically prefetch the globs() of by djasper · 5 hours ago
  7. 3b6e35e Automatic code cleanup. by hlopko · 5 hours ago
  8. d3d9063 always overwrite README.md by Lukacs T. Berki · 6 days ago
  9. d8dde88 Implement the rdeps predicate directly for RBuildFilesVisitor. by shreyax · 10 hours ago
  10. a72e313 Fix a minor bug where RRBuildFilesVisitor wasn't using an by nharmata · 12 hours ago
  11. 5835cf2 Remove unused bitcode flags by Keith Smiley · 15 hours ago
  12. 1d72c69 zsh completion: Support BUILD.bazel files by Clint Harrison · 17 hours ago
  13. 110cba0 Improve assertion failure message by cushon · 17 hours ago
  14. 0e0f4a3 Expand cc toolchain config documentation by rosica · 18 hours ago
  15. de7c5f6 DexArchiveAspect find the R.jar produced by the Starlark android_library rule. by Googler · 18 hours ago
  16. de6e9a8 Fix bad indentations. by shreyax · 19 hours ago
  17. b07cd06 Logical rollforward of https://github.com/bazelbuild/bazel/commit/e2e235359ccdc4b6a122586b9d7c99abbddd65f5. That commit was reverted because it tickled an unrelated bug accidentally exercised by a Google-internal test. by nharmata · 20 hours ago
  18. 68c7e5a Enable coverage for executing a java binary with --experimental_java_coverage. by elenairina · 20 hours ago
  19. 85c77fe Consolidate Java runtime lookup by cushon · 20 hours ago
  20. ca1cb06 Update CROSSTOOL tutorial by rosica · 21 hours ago
  21. 6a36ffd Propagate --experimental_use_toolchain_resolution_for_java_rules to the host config by cushon · 21 hours ago
  22. 5e56770 Update integration tests to pass providers instead of configured targets by cushon · 21 hours ago
  23. 4ec695c Fix long-standing corner case with infinite symlink expansion detection. See the added unit tests for more details. by nharmata · 21 hours ago
  24. ff93b19 De-experimentalize starlark defined *rule class transitions* that *only read native options* and *don't have access to attributes that use select()*. by juliexxia · 22 hours ago
  25. fc996af install-compile-source.md: hint at SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH by Klaus Aehlig · 22 hours ago
  26. b1dabcf RepositoryResolvedEvent: represent modifications as named arguments by Klaus Aehlig · 23 hours ago
  27. 4d51c40 HttpDownloader: remove dead code by Klaus Aehlig · 23 hours ago
  28. 18aeea6 Fix a comment that I missed in code review by ulfjack · 23 hours ago
  29. 3fb59b4 Windows: add --incompatible_windows_style_arg_escaping by laszlocsomor · 25 hours ago
  30. b8468a6 Add #toString to DepFingerprintList. by janakr · 25 hours ago
  31. 1b4c37c Always set --no-canonical-prefixes if we can by Andrew Suffield · 26 hours ago
  32. 1de1e64 Experimental: spawn actions can execute asynchronously by ulfjack · 26 hours ago
  33. 2d1186b Add instrumentation for genquery. by twerth · 26 hours ago
  34. 2310b1c Ignore SIGCHLD in test setup script by Keith Moyer · 27 hours ago
  35. b73de17 Fix broken link to C++ toolchain configuration reference doc by rosica · 27 hours ago
  36. ad50384 Run buildifier --lint=fix by Laurent Le Brun · 2 days ago
  37. 04ad002 Reformat protobuf.bzl by Laurent Le Brun · 2 days ago
  38. 8c02aff Rename SKYLARK_SEMANTICS to STARLARK_SEMANTICS by laurentlb · 2 days ago
  39. 535f58d Rename Skylark to Starlark by laurentlb · 2 days ago
  40. 16b2f87 Unify the options initialization and error handling in BuildEventServiceModule. by lpino · 2 days ago
  41. 92c43cd Rename SkylarkSemanticsOptions to StarlarkSemanticsOptions by laurentlb · 2 days ago
  42. e4b7a31 SkylarkRepositoryContext: show rule location in case of wrong checksum by Klaus Aehlig · 2 days ago
  43. 764679f Automated rollback of commit 30c40fbf0fb97efb5deb9fa291e095bba921fe5e. by fwe · 2 days ago
  44. ad09da4 Automated rollback of commit 64a966dd8cd5dc564d179d2fe9ecb1c3c7b56b14. by fwe · 2 days ago
  45. 6659b4c Rename SkylarkSemantics to StarlarkSemantics by laurentlb · 2 days ago
  46. aca1e87 Extend error message when calling bazel outside a workspace by Klaus Aehlig · 2 days ago
  47. 4a2f838 Inline the size() function. by laurentlb · 2 days ago
  48. f227730 Refactor SkyframeActionExecutor by ulfjack · 2 days ago
  49. 4d935d5 Java tools: flip incompatible flags for using remote java tools. by iirina · 2 days ago
  50. 4eea5c6 Flip --incompatible_disable_expand_if_all_available_in_flag_set by hlopko · 2 days ago
  51. 1161e73 Remove special handling of visibility dependencies in DependencyResolver. by lberki · 2 days ago
  52. 38da4ab Update java_tools to 0.4 and a new BUILD file. by iirina · 2 days ago
  53. 7f70ad9 Add the new BUILD file to the embeded sources. by iirina · 2 days ago
  54. f5c592f Add a new BUILD file for java_tools_pkg-0.4.tar.gz. by iirina · 2 days ago
  55. 6beedaa Generate the content of the java_tools archive under a top level java_tools/ directory. by iirina · 2 days ago
  56. 20eeaad Add Skyframe support for external computations by ulfjack · 2 days ago
  57. 45e68f2 pkg_tar: Create tar files with non-zero mtime by Ryan Beasley · 2 days ago
  58. 29e91ca Update CROSSTOOL documentation by rosica · 2 days ago
  59. 5a43041 Remove legacy configured target handling in Java toolchain alias rules by cushon · 3 days ago
  60. 5fad901 Automatic code cleanup. by Googler · 4 days ago
  61. 8d6ad22 Replace MemoizingEvaluator#getGraphMap with #getGraphEntries to accommodate implementations that may not have access to a map. by janakr · 4 days ago
  62. c84be50 Register all toolchains in the tools/jdk package by cushon · 5 days ago
  63. 4f00eac Deflake test by enforcing deterministic order of returned reverse deps when marking clean. by janakr · 5 days ago
  64. ae1e2be Properly throw exceptions in ResourceProcessorBusyBox, and log exceptions in CompileLibraryResourcesAction. by jingwen · 5 days ago
  65. f7c9d29 Fix lack of error reporting in SkyframeAwareAction#establishSkyframeDependencies. by nharmata · 5 days ago
  66. c2c998a Add missing word in javadoc. by nharmata · 5 days ago
  67. 90e79b6 Make sure the path to the server log is absolute. by jmmv · 5 days ago
  68. 6f887cd Remove stale comment. Glob prefetching doesn't exist anymore. by nharmata · 5 days ago
  69. bd5a04e Remove useless inclusion of Boolean.TRUE in the computation of SymlinkFileValue#hashCode. by nharmata · 5 days ago
  70. 267675f Refactor some py_runtime code by brandjon · 5 days ago
  71. 053508f Improve docgen validation. by cparsons · 5 days ago
  72. 24ed5b0 Release reference to the delegate supplier in InterruptibleSupplier.Memoize. by Googler · 5 days ago
  73. d17271f Roll-forward https://github.com/bazelbuild/bazel/commit/1f240fc2978eba6c43388e5cd6567835fb7ed050 with fix: by felly · 5 days ago
  74. 1a56824 Stop supporting old API for starlark defined transition impl function. Impl functions now must always take two params, canonically `settings` and `attr`. by juliexxia · 5 days ago
  75. e48078a Disable deadlocking test by ulfjack · 5 days ago
  76. 1d205e1 Remove unnecessary BuildEventLogger abstraction. by lpino · 5 days ago
  77. 2ef940f Update the remote java tools archive to include the right permissions. by iirina · 5 days ago
  78. 75df1bc Automatic code cleanup. by Googler · 5 days ago
  79. 30c40fb Remove getQuoteIncludes hook from CppSemantics by hlopko · 5 days ago
  80. 4af716e Add a test for prefix suggestions by Klaus Aehlig · 5 days ago
  81. ae744f3 Update the remote java tools archive to include the right permissions. by iirina · 5 days ago
  82. 1da4861 subprocesses: customizable SubprocessFactory by laszlocsomor · 5 days ago
  83. fb016b6 download_and_extract: Show valid prefix suggestions in case of an invalid prefix. by Shmuel H · 5 days ago
  84. d5af612 gcc coverage: remove -b from gcov invocation by iirina · 5 days ago
  85. b02b6d0 C++: Simplify code that used old LibraryToLink by plf · 5 days ago
  86. ea0321e Use toolchain resolution in find_java_toolchain if --experimental_use_toolchain_resolution_for_java_rules is set by cushon · 5 days ago
  87. 83a1bfd Split up BuildEventServiceTransport into smaller classes. by lpino · 6 days ago
  88. ca39052 Move the logic to find the server log to the BlazeRuntime. by jmmv · 6 days ago
  89. ac58ca8 Track the time spent in source and output-tree diff checking. by janakr · 6 days ago
  90. 62c7aa4 Replace the native Java host runtime alias rule with a starlark implementation by cushon · 6 days ago
  91. a5819a1 Fix GoCompilationHelper to detect EXEC_ORIGIN when legacy crosstool fields are removed by hlopko · 6 days ago
  92. c3fcfa0 Add documentation for aquery_differ tool. by leba · 6 days ago
  93. f564b69 SkylarkRepositoryContext: change handling of invalid checksums by Googler · 6 days ago
  94. 4f65c06 Remove LcovMerger from tools/test:embedded_tools. by iirina · 6 days ago
  95. a117ddf Improve reporting of return vales from repository rules by Klaus Aehlig · 6 days ago
  96. 6aab271 Update Java tools by Lukacs T. Berki · 6 days ago
  97. b109a5f Let DirectoryListingStateFunction re-use the PerBuildSyscallCache. The listing by djasper · 6 days ago
  98. 569e2cb Windows, launcher: separate jvm_flags by TAB by Laszlo Csomor · 6 days ago
  99. 8ed7196 Windows, subprocesses: correct flag escaping impl. by Laszlo Csomor · 6 days ago
  100. 9beabe0 Move signaledDeps to DirtyBuildingState by ulfjack · 6 days ago