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The RuntimeConfig service provides Google Cloud Platform users the ability to dynamically configure your service.

The RuntimConfig service creates and manages RuntimeConfig resources within a Google Cloud Project and various variables within said resource.


Each cloud project can create multiple Config objects. A Config object by itself does not contain any configuration information, but rather is a logical grouping of variables. Variable names are hierarchical and follow file system style, where only leaf nodes can contain values.

For example, you can have a configuration called Flags. Within that configuration object, you can create the following variables.

  • /ports/service_port
  • /ports/monitoring_port
  • /ports/admin_port

This creates three variables: /ports/serve_port, /ports/monitoring_port, /ports/admin_port. Note that /ports cannot have a value but it can be listed.


In order to make requests to RuntimeConfig service, you need to enable the API for your project.

To achieve that, go to the Google Cloud Console and enable Google Cloud RuntimeConfig API for your project.

The documentation for this service is located here.