Release 2.0.0 (2019-12-19)

Baseline: 807ed23e4f53a5e008ec823e9c23e2c9baa36d0d

Cherry picks:

   + db0e32ca6296e56e5314993fe9939bc7331768ec: Fix bug in build script for RC release
   + 85e84f7812f04bc0dbc36376f31b6dd2d229b905:
     Set --incompatible_prohibit_aapt1 default to true.
   + 84eae2ff550c433a3d0409cf2b5525059939439d:
     Let shellzelisk fallback to bazel-real if it's the requested
   + d5ae460f1581ddf27514b4be18255481b47b4075:
     Fix a typo in

Incompatible changes:

  - --incompatible_remap_main_repo is enabled by default. Therefore,
    both ways of addressing the main repository, by its name and by
    '@' are now considered referring to the same repository.
  - --incompatible_disallow_dict_lookup_unhashable_keys is enabled by
  - --incompatible_remove_native_maven_jar is now enabled by default
    and the flag removed. See
  - --incompatible_prohibit_aapt1 is enabled by default.

Important changes:

  - --incompatible_proto_output_v2: proto v2 for aquery proto output
    formats, which reduces the output size compared to v1. Note that
    the messages' ids in v2 are in uint64 instead of string like in
  - Adds --incompatible_remove_enabled_toolchain_types.
  - Package loading now consistently fails if package loading had a
    glob evaluation that encountered a symlink cycle or symlink
    infinite expansion. Previously, such package loading with such
    glob evaluations would fail only in some cases.
  - The --disk_cache flag can now also be used together
    with the gRPC remote cache.
  - An action's discover inputs runtime metrics is now categorized as
    parse time on the CriticalPathComponent.
  - Make the formatting example more like to the written text by
    adding an initial description.
  - An action's discover inputs runtime metrics is now categorized as
    parse time on the CriticalPathComponent.
  - Bazel's Debian package and the binary installer now include an
    improved wrapper that understands `<WORKSPACE>/.bazelversion`
    files and the `$USE_BAZEL_VERSION` environment variable. This is
    similar to what Bazelisk offers
    ch-bazel-version-to-run-and-where-to-get-it-from), except that it
    works offline and integrates with apt-get.
  - We are planning to deprecate the runfiles manifest files, which
    aren't safe in the presence of whitespace, and also unnecessarily
    require local CPU when remote execution is used. This release
    adds --experimental_skip_runfiles_manifests to disable the
    generation of the input manifests (rule.manifest files) in most
    cases. Note that this flag has no effect on Windows by default or
    if --experimental_enable_runfiles is explicitly set to false.

This release contains contributions from many people at Google, as well as aldersondrive, Benjamin Peterson, Bor Kae Hwang, David Ostrovsky, Jakob Buchgraber, Jin, John Millikin, Keith Smiley, Lauri Peltonen, nikola-sh, Peter Mounce, Tony Hsu.
1 file changed
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