Release 8.0.0-pre.20231030.2 (2023-11-14)

Baseline: 8cab6aa21fa765985a962e59264e12251e4d479f

Cherry picks:

   + d78bdd2f7143da31087c3ab88298b52defb90fdc:
     Temporarily disable `BaselineOptionsFunction` + Starlark exec

Incompatible changes:

  - Java runtime toolchains created via `local_java_repository` from
    `@bazel_tools//tools/jdk:local_java_repository.bzl`, which
    includes `local_jdk`, now have `target_compatible_with` set to
    the auto-detected host constraints. This can result in errors
    about toolchain resolution failures for
    `@bazel_tools//tools/jdk:runtime_toolchain_type`, especially when
    cross-compiling. These failures can be fixed in the following
    ways (listed in decreasing order of preference):
    * Replace `java_binary` targets that aren't meant to be run with
    `bazel run` or as tools during the build with `java_single_jar`
    (available in `@rules_java//java:java_single_jar.bzl`). Such
    targets do not require a Java runtime for the target
    * Set `--java_runtime_version=remotejdk_N` for some Java version
    `N` to let Bazel choose and download an appropriate remote JDK
    for the current target platform. This setting defaults to
    `local_jdk`, which means that Bazel can only use the local JDK,
    which isn't compatible with any other platform.
    * Manually define and register a `local_java_runtime` with no
    value set for `exec_compatible_with` (defaults to `[]`) and
    select it by setting `--java_runtime_version` to its `name`. This
    fully restores the previous behavior, but can result in incorrect
    results when cross-compiling (see #18265).
  - transition is removed from objc_library

New features:

  - "bazel aquery" now returns the headers C++ compilation actions
    can include if the --include_scheduling_dependencies command line
    option is set.

Important changes:

  - Enable Platforms and Toolchains for Android. Android projects
    will need to stop passing the legacy flag `--fat_apk_cpu`, and
    instead use `--android_platforms` using platforms defined with
    the `@platforms//os:android` constraint. The repository defines
    four standard Android platforms for projects that use those
    rules, `@rules_android//:armeabi-v7a`,
    `@rules_android//:arm64-v8a`, `@rules_android//:x86`,

This release contains contributions from many people at Google, as well as Benjamin Peterson, Fabian Meumertzheim, Fredrik Medley, Guillaume Maudoux, Ulf Adams, Wade Carpenter.
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