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# This script is executed on every boot. Even though we lack even basic error
# reporting and handling, at least make sure that it is not executed twice.
if (Test-Path "c:\bazel_ci\install_completed.txt") {
New-Item c:\bazel_ci -type directory
Set-Location c:\bazel_ci
# Install Chocolatey
Invoke-Expression ((New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString(""))
# Install all the Windows software we need:
# - msys2 because Bazel currently depends on it
# - JDK, because, well, Bazel is written in Java
# - NSSM, because that's the easiest way to create services
# - Chrome, because the default IE setup is way too crippled by security measures
& choco install msys2 -y
& choco install nssm -y
& choco install jdk8 -y
& choco install googlechrome -y
# Save the Jenkins slave.jar to a suitable location
Invoke-WebRequest http://jenkins/jnlpJars/slave.jar -OutFile slave.jar
# Install the necessary packages in msys2
pacman -Syyu --noconfirm
pacman -S --noconfirm git curl gcc zip unzip zlib-devel isl
Write-Output $bash_installer | Out-File -Encoding ascii
# -l is required so that PATH in bash is set properly
& c:\tools\msys64\usr\bin\bash -l /c/bazel_ci/
# Find the JDK. The path changes frequently, so hardcoding it is not enough.
$java=Get-ChildItem "c:\Program Files\Java\jdk*" | Select-Object -Index 0 | foreach { $_.FullName }
# Fetch the instance ID from GCE
$webclient=(New-Object Net.WebClient)
$webclient.Headers.Add("Metadata-Flavor", "Google")
Write-Output $jenkins_node | Out-File -Encoding ascii jenkins_node.txt
# Replace the host name in the JNLP file, because Jenkins, in its infinite
# wisdom, does not let us change that separately from its external hostname.
$jnlp=((New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("http://jenkins/computer/${jenkins_node}/slave-agent.jnlp"))
$internal_jnlp=$jnlp -replace "", "http://jenkins"
Write-Output $internal_jnlp | Out-File -Encoding ascii slave-agent.jnlp
# Create the service that runs the Jenkins slave
# We can't execute Java directly because then it mysteriously fails with
# "Sockets error: 10106: create", so we redirect through Powershell
# The path change is needed because Jenkins cannot execute a different git
# binary on different slaves, so we need to simply use "git"
cd c:\bazel_ci
# A path name with c:\ in the JNLP URL makes Java hang. I don't know why.
# Jenkins tries to reconnect to the wrong port if the server is restarted.
# -noReconnect makes the agent die, and it is then subsequently restarted by
# Windows because it is a service, and then all is well.
& "$java\bin\java" -jar c:\bazel_ci\slave.jar -jnlpUrl file:///bazel_ci/slave-agent.jnlp -noReconnect
Write-Output $agent_script | Out-File -Encoding ascii agent_script.ps1
& nssm install bazel_ci powershell c:\bazel_ci\agent_script.ps1
& nssm set bazel_ci AppStdout c:\bazel_ci\stdout.log
& nssm set bazel_ci AppStderr c:\bazel_ci\stderr.log
& nssm start bazel_ci
Write-Output "DONE" | Out-File -Encoding ascii "c:\bazel_ci\install_completed.txt"