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# Copyright 2016 The Bazel Authors. All rights reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# Aspect for e4b, taken from intellij_info.bzl
def struct_omit_none(**kwargs):
d = {name: kwargs[name] for name in kwargs if kwargs[name] != None}
return struct(**d)
def artifact_location(file):
return None if file == None else file.path
def library_artifact(java_output):
if java_output == None or java_output.class_jar == None:
return None
return struct_omit_none(
jar = artifact_location(java_output.class_jar),
interface_jar = artifact_location(java_output.ijar),
source_jar = artifact_location(java_output.source_jar),
def annotation_processing_jars(annotation_processing):
return struct_omit_none(
jar = artifact_location(annotation_processing.class_jar),
source_jar = artifact_location(annotation_processing.source_jar),
def jars_from_output(output):
""" Collect jars for ide-resolve-files from Java output.
if output == None:
return []
return [jar
for jar in [output.class_jar, output.ijar, output.source_jar]
if jar != None and not jar.is_source]
def java_rule_ide_info(target, ctx):
if hasattr(ctx.rule.attr, "srcs"):
sources = [artifact_location(file)
for src in ctx.rule.attr.srcs
for file in src.files]
sources = []
jars = [library_artifact(output) for output in]
ide_resolve_files = depset([jar
for output in
for jar in jars_from_output(output)])
gen_jars = []
if and
gen_jars = [annotation_processing_jars(]
ide_resolve_files = ide_resolve_files + depset([ jar
for jar in [,]
if jar != None and not jar.is_source])
return (struct_omit_none(
sources = sources,
jars = jars,
generated_jars = gen_jars
def _aspect_impl(target, ctx):
kind = ctx.rule.kind
rule_attrs = ctx.rule.attr
ide_info_text = depset()
ide_resolve_files = depset()
all_deps = []
if hasattr(rule_attrs, attr_name):
deps = getattr(rule_attrs, attr_name)
if type(deps) == 'list':
for dep in deps:
ide_info_text = ide_info_text + dep.intellij_info_files.ide_info_text
ide_resolve_files = ide_resolve_files + dep.intellij_info_files.ide_resolve_files
all_deps += [str(dep.label) for dep in deps]
if hasattr(target, "java"):
(java_rule_ide_info_struct, java_ide_resolve_files) = java_rule_ide_info(target, ctx)
info = struct(
label = str(target.label),
kind = kind,
dependencies = all_deps,
build_file_artifact_location = ctx.build_file_path,
) + java_rule_ide_info_struct
ide_resolve_files = ide_resolve_files + java_ide_resolve_files
output = ctx.new_file( + ".e4b-build.json")
ctx.file_action(output, info.to_json())
ide_info_text += depset([output])
return struct(
output_groups = {
"ide-info-text" : ide_info_text,
"ide-resolve" : ide_resolve_files,
intellij_info_files = struct(
ide_info_text = ide_info_text,
ide_resolve_files = ide_resolve_files,
e4b_aspect = aspect(implementation = _aspect_impl,
"""Aspect for Eclipse 4 Bazel plugin.
This aspect produces information for IDE integration with Eclipse. This only
produces information for Java targets.
This aspect has two output groups:
- ide-info-text produces .e4b-build.json files that contains information
about target dependencies and sources files for the IDE.
- ide-resolve build the dependencies needed for the build (i.e., artifacts
generated by Java annotation processors).
An e4b-build.json file is a json blob with the following keys:
// Label of the corresponding target
"label": "//package:target",
// Kind of the corresponding target, e.g., java_test, java_binary, ...
"kind": "java_library",
// List of dependencies of this target
"dependencies": ["//package1:dep1", "//package2:dep2"],
"Path, relative to the workspace root, of the build file containing the target.
"build_file_artifact_location": "package/BUILD",
// List of sources file, relative to the execroot
"sources": ["package/"],
// List of jars created when building this target.
"jars": [jar1, jar2],
// List of jars generated by java annotation processors when building this target.
"generated_jars": [genjar1, genjar2]
Jar files structure has the following keys:
// Location, relative to the execroot, of the jar file or null
"jar": "bazel-out/host/package/libtarget.jar",
// Location, relative to the execroot, of the interface jar file,
// containing only the interfaces of the target jar or null.
"interface_jar": "bazel-out/host/package/libtarget.interface-jar",
// Location, relative to the execroot, of the source jar file,
// containing the sources used to generate the target jar or null.
"source_jar": "bazel-out/host/package/libtarget.interface-jar",