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// Copyright 2015 The Bazel Authors. All rights reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
// zip.h -- .zip (.jar) file reading/writing routines.
// This file specifies the interface to use the ZIP implementation of ijar.
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include "third_party/ijar/common.h"
namespace devtools_ijar {
// Tells if this is a directory entry from the mode. This method
// is safer than zipattr_to_mode(attr) & S_IFDIR because the unix
// mode might not be set in DOS zip files.
inline bool zipattr_is_dir(u4 attr) { return (attr & 0x10) != 0; }
// Convert a ZIP file attribute to a Unix file permission mask.
inline mode_t zipattr_to_perm(u4 attr) {
return ((mode_t)((attr >> 16) & 0777));
// Class interface for building ZIP files
class ZipBuilder {
virtual ~ZipBuilder() {}
// Returns the text for the last error, or null on no last error.
virtual const char* GetError() = 0;
// Add a new file to the ZIP, the file will have path "filename"
// and external attributes "attr". This function returns a pointer
// to a memory buffer to write the data of the file into. This buffer
// is owned by ZipBuilder and should not be free'd by the caller. The
// file length is then specified when the files is finished written
// using the FinishFile(size_t) function.
// On failure, returns NULL and GetError() will return an non-empty message.
virtual u1* NewFile(const char* filename, const u4 attr) = 0;
// Finish writing a file and specify its length. After calling this method
// one should not reuse the pointer given by NewFile. The file can be
// compressed using the deflate algorithm by setting `compress` to true.
// By default, CRC32 are not computed as java tooling doesn't care, but
// computing it can be activated by setting `compute_crc` to true.
// On failure, returns -1 and GetError() will return an non-empty message.
virtual int FinishFile(size_t filelength,
bool compress = false,
bool compute_crc = false) = 0;
// Write an empty file, it is equivalent to:
// NewFile(filename, 0);
// FinishFile(0);
// On failure, returns -1 and GetError() will return an non-empty message.
virtual int WriteEmptyFile(const char* filename) = 0;
// Finish writing the ZIP file. This method can be called only once
// (subsequent calls will do nothing) and none of
// NewFile/FinishFile/WriteEmptyFile should be called after calling Finish. If
// this method was not called when the object is destroyed, it will be called.
// It is here as a convenience to get information on the final generated ZIP
// file.
// On failure, returns -1 and GetError() will return an non-empty message.
virtual int Finish() = 0;
// Get the current size of the ZIP file. This size will not be matching the
// final ZIP file until Finish() has been called because Finish() is actually
// writing the central directory of the ZIP File.
virtual size_t GetSize() = 0;
// Returns the current number of files stored in the ZIP.
virtual int GetNumberFiles() = 0;
// Create a new ZipBuilder writing the file zip_file and the size of the
// output will be at most estimated_size. Use ZipBuilder::EstimateSize() or
// ZipExtractor::CalculateOuputLength() to have an estimated_size depending on
// a list of file to store.
// On failure, returns NULL. Refer to errno for error code.
static ZipBuilder* Create(const char* zip_file, size_t estimated_size);
// Estimate the maximum size of the ZIP files containing files in the "files"
// null-terminated array.
// Returns 0 on error.
static u8 EstimateSize(char const* const* files, char const* const* zip_paths,
int nb_entries);
// An abstract class to process data from a ZipExtractor.
// Derive from this class if you wish to process data from a ZipExtractor.
class ZipExtractorProcessor {
virtual ~ZipExtractorProcessor() {}
// Tells whether to skip or process the file "filename". "attr" is the
// external file attributes and can be converted to unix mode using the
// zipattr_to_mode() function. This method is suppoed to returns true
// if the file should be processed and false if it should be skipped.
virtual bool Accept(const char* filename, const u4 attr) = 0;
// Process a file accepted by Accept. The file "filename" has external
// attributes "attr" and length "size". The file content is accessible
// in the buffer pointed by "data".
virtual void Process(const char* filename, const u4 attr,
const u1* data, const size_t size) = 0;
// Class interface for reading ZIP files
class ZipExtractor {
virtual ~ZipExtractor() {}
// Returns the text for the last error, or null on no last error.
virtual const char* GetError() = 0;
// Process the next files, returns false if the end of ZIP file has been
// reached. The processor provided by the Create method will be called
// if a file is encountered. If false is returned, check the return value
// of GetError() for potential errors.
virtual bool ProcessNext() = 0;
// Process the all files, returns -1 on error (GetError() will be populated
// on error).
virtual int ProcessAll();
// Reset the file pointer to the beginning.
virtual void Reset() = 0;
// Return the size of the ZIP file.
virtual size_t GetSize() = 0;
// Return the size of the resulting zip file by keeping only file
// accepted by the processor and storing them uncompressed. This
// method can be used to create a ZipBuilder for storing a subset
// of the input files.
// On error, 0 is returned and GetError() returns a non-empty message.
virtual u8 CalculateOutputLength() = 0;
// Create a ZipExtractor that extract the zip file "filename" and process
// it with "processor".
// On error, a null pointer is returned and the value of errno should be
// checked.
static ZipExtractor* Create(const char* filename,
ZipExtractorProcessor *processor);
} // namespace devtools_ijar