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# This workflow uses actions that are not certified by GitHub. They are provided
# by a third-party and are governed by separate terms of service, privacy
# policy, and support documentation.
name: Scorecard supply-chain security
# For Branch-Protection check. Only the default branch is supported. See
# To guarantee Maintained check is occasionally updated. See
- cron: '18 9 * * 4'
branches: [ "master" ]
# Declare default permissions as read only.
permissions: read-all
name: Scorecard analysis
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
# Needed to upload the results to code-scanning dashboard.
security-events: write
# Needed to publish results and get a badge (see publish_results below).
id-token: write
# Uncomment the permissions below if installing in a private repository.
# contents: read
# actions: read
- name: Harden Runner
uses: step-security/harden-runner@6b3083af2869dc3314a0257a42f4af696cc79ba3 # v2.3.1
egress-policy: audit
- name: "Checkout code"
uses: actions/checkout@93ea575cb5d8a053eaa0ac8fa3b40d7e05a33cc8 # v3.1.0
persist-credentials: false
- name: "Run analysis"
uses: ossf/scorecard-action@e38b1902ae4f44df626f11ba0734b14fb91f8f86 # v2.1.2
results_file: results.sarif
results_format: sarif
# (Optional) "write" PAT token. Uncomment the `repo_token` line below if:
# - you want to enable the Branch-Protection check on a *public* repository, or
# - you are installing Scorecard on a *private* repository
# To create the PAT, follow the steps in
# repo_token: ${{ secrets.SCORECARD_TOKEN }}
# Public repositories:
# - Publish results to OpenSSF REST API for easy access by consumers
# - Allows the repository to include the Scorecard badge.
# - See
# For private repositories:
# - `publish_results` will always be set to `false`, regardless
# of the value entered here.
publish_results: true
# Upload the results as artifacts (optional). Commenting out will disable uploads of run results in SARIF
# format to the repository Actions tab.
- name: "Upload artifact"
uses: actions/upload-artifact@3cea5372237819ed00197afe530f5a7ea3e805c8 # v3.1.0
name: SARIF file
path: results.sarif
retention-days: 5
# Upload the results to GitHub's code scanning dashboard.
- name: "Upload to code-scanning"
uses: github/codeql-action/upload-sarif@17573ee1cc1b9d061760f3a006fc4aac4f944fd5 # v2.2.4
sarif_file: results.sarif