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"""Repository rules entry point module for rules_cc."""
# WARNING: This file only exists for backwards-compatibility.
# rules_cc uses the Bazel federation, so please add any new dependencies to
# rules_cc_deps() in
# Third party dependencies can be added to
# Ideally we'd delete this entire file.
load("@bazel_tools//tools/build_defs/repo:http.bzl", "http_archive")
load("//cc/private/toolchain:cc_configure.bzl", "cc_configure")
def rules_cc_dependencies():
name = "bazel_skylib",
sha256 = "2ea8a5ed2b448baf4a6855d3ce049c4c452a6470b1efd1504fdb7c1c134d220a",
strip_prefix = "bazel-skylib-0.8.0",
urls = [
def rules_cc_toolchains(*args):
def _maybe(repo_rule, name, **kwargs):
if not native.existing_rule(name):
repo_rule(name = name, **kwargs)